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Actually ";D", in lower case due to technical restraints. Represents a wide, open-mouthed smile like :D, except that the character is also winking.

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 6+girls :d ;d a20_(atsumaru) absurdres arm_up blonde_hair blue_eyes blue_sky bow bracelet breasts brown_eyes cloud collar collared_shirt detached_sleeves double_bun elbow_gloves finger_gun gloves green_bow green_eyes green_hair grin hair_bun hairband hayasaka_mei highres hyodou_shizuku ibuki_nagisa ichinose_rei idoly_pride jewelry kawasaki_sakura_(idoly_pride) medium_hair midriff multiple_girls nagase_kotono narumiya_suzu navel necklace official_art one_eye_closed open_mouth pants pink_bow pleated_skirt pointing ponytail purple_bow purple_eyes red_bow saeki_haruko_(idoly_pride) shiraishi_chisa shiraishi_saki shirt short_hair skirt sky sleeveless sleeveless_shirt smile twintails white_footwear white_gloves white_hairband white_skirt yellow_bow
 1girl ;d black_footwear blue_archive commentary_request detached_sleeves grey_hair halo highres legs looking_at_viewer miyuki_or69 mutsuki_(blue_archive) one_eye_closed open_mouth purple_eyes red_halo shoes side_ponytail smile socks solo thighs white_socks
 1girl ;d amami_haruka blurry blurry_background blush brown_hair coat duffel_coat fake_phone_screenshot fake_screenshot foreshortening green_eyes hair_ribbon highres idolmaster idolmaster_(classic) idolmaster_million_live! looking_at_viewer meme night night_sky one_eye_closed open_mouth outdoors pov_cheek_warming_(meme) red_scarf ribbon scarf sky smile snowing solo sugar_rush upper_body user_interface white_coat
 1boy ;d ^^^ animal animal_crossing arm_up backwards_hat baseball_cap belt_pouch black_headwear blue_eyes buck_teeth c.j._(animal_crossing) cellphone commentary_request drawstring eyewear_on_head fish fish_request fishing fishing_rod freckles furry furry_male hat holding holding_animal holding_fish holding_fishing_rod holding_phone hood hood_down hoodie looking_at_viewer looking_back male_focus mikami multiple_views nintendo one_eye_closed open_clothes open_mouth open_vest orange_shorts phone pouch shark short_sleeves shorts simple_background smartphone smile star_(symbol) sunglasses teeth v-shaped_eyebrows vest water water_drop whale_shark white_background white_hoodie wide-eyed yellow_vest
 1girl ;d anzen_robo_(474zz) blue_skirt blush breasts brown_hair doki_doki_literature_club green_background green_eyes hair_intakes hair_ribbon heart long_hair looking_at_viewer medium_breasts monika_(doki_doki_literature_club) one_eye_closed open_mouth ponytail ribbon school_uniform shirt skirt smile twitter_username upper_body white_background white_ribbon white_shirt
 2girls ;d arm_up blonde_hair blue_eyes blue_hair blue_hairband bookshelf border bottle commentary_request couch cupboard dark_blue_hair drink gradient_hair gyo_noma hairband hand_on_own_head highres holding holding_bottle holding_drink hood hood_down hoshino_ichika_(project_sekai) indoors jacket kitchen kitchen_hood living_room looking_at_viewer multicolored_hair multiple_girls notice_lines one_eye_closed open_mouth pink_eyes pink_hair pink_jacket plant plastic_bottle pocari_sweat potted_plant product_placement project_sekai refrigerator shirt smile split_screen star_(symbol) table tenma_saki towel towel_on_head upper_body waving white_border white_shirt white_towel zipper

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