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A hime cut (姫カット, lit. princess cut) is a hairstyle consisting of straight long_hair, blunt_bangs, and sidelocks with blunt ends.

As the name suggests, the style is thought to have originated, or at least become common, in the Imperial court during the Heian Period of Japanese history, when noble women would sometimes grow out their absurdly_long_hair for their entire lives.

All elements must be present to be considered a hime cut. The hair must be long and straight and the bangs and sidelocks must have blunt ends.


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 1girl black_hair black_socks blush brown_sailor_collar closed_mouth collarbone commentary dress expressionless hand_on_own_chest highres hime_cut long_hair looking_at_viewer matsumoto_rise mearian nanamori_school_uniform own_hands_together red_dress red_eyes sailor_collar school_uniform shirt simple_background socks solo twitter_username white_background white_shirt yuru_yuri
 2girls alternate_eye_color aran_sweater bare_shoulders black_hair black_sleeves blunt_bangs brown_eyes brown_hair cable_knit child commentary_request cross-laced_clothes cross-laced_sleeves cross-laced_top detached_sleeves expressionless grey_tank_top hands_up hime_cut i.u.y kinuhata_saiai kuroyoru_umidori lace-up lace-up_sleeves lace-up_top light_blush long_hair looking_at_viewer multicolored_hair multiple_girls open_mouth paw_pose pink_background purple_eyes short_hair sidelocks smile sweater tank_top teeth toaru_majutsu_no_index toaru_majutsu_no_index:_new_testament upper_body upper_teeth_only white_sweater
 1girl aged_up alternate_breast_size bed_sheet blunt_bangs bow breasts cameltoe collarbone eyelashes furude_rika highres higurashi_no_naku_koro_ni hime_cut lace lace-trimmed_panties lace_trim long_hair looking_to_the_side mac_naut medium_breasts monochrome navel on_bed panties parted_lips ribbon signature sitting underwear
 1girl aged_up arms_behind_back black_hair black_sailor_collar black_serafuku black_socks blunt_bangs furude_rika hair_over_shoulder highres higurashi_no_naku_koro_ni hime_cut loafers long_hair long_sleeves mac_naut monochrome neckerchief parted_lips pleated_skirt profile sailor_collar school_uniform serafuku shadow shirt shoes skirt socks solo standing torii
 1girl bed black_eyes black_hair blunt_bangs breasts cameltoe closed_mouth commission frills hime_cut houraisan_kaguya leotard long_hair looking_at_viewer lying m_legs medium_breasts pixiv_commission smile solo spread_legs touhou touhou_tag_dream umarutsufuri wrestling_outfit
 1girl :d bed black_eyes black_hair blunt_bangs blush breasts censored clothing_aside commission frills heavy_breathing hime_cut houraisan_kaguya leotard leotard_aside long_hair looking_at_viewer lying m_legs medium_breasts mosaic_censoring motion_lines open_mouth pixiv_commission pussy smile solo spread_legs spread_pussy touhou touhou_tag_dream umarutsufuri wrestling_outfit

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