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Tag type: Character

A kind, blind, silver-eyed JK who wears long, plaid skirts. She is often bullied by her classmates.

Popopoka is responsible for her creation.

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 2girls :o absurdres black_shirt blind_girl_(popopoka) blonde_girl_(popopoka) blonde_hair brick_wall cat_baguette_(popopoka) english_text freckles highres long_hair multiple_girls original plant popopoka potted_plant shelf shirt shirt_grab short_hair short_sleeves speech_bubble television
 3girls :o absurdres ahoge animal_ears black_hair black_shirt blind_girl_(popopoka) blonde_girl_(popopoka) blue_eyes bra cat_baguette_(popopoka) character_print collarbone crossed_bangs crying dog_ears dog_girl english_text flat_chest freckles frown hair_between_eyes highres holding hood hoodie looking_at_another multiple_girls original playing_guitar popopoka pout shirt short_hair short_sleeves sitting speech_bubble underwear white_bra
 2girls ^^^ absurdres ahoge aisuman artist_name bat_hair_ornament biting black_hair blind blind_girl_(popopoka) blush body_freckles child_on_child choker collarbone completely_nude cowboy_shot diamond-shaped_pupils diamond_(shape) ear_biting feet_out_of_frame female_focus fingering fingering_from_behind flat_chest freckles hair_between_eyes hair_ornament highres loli multiple_girls navel nipples nose_blush nude open_mouth original pointy_ears popopoka purple_choker purple_eyes purple_hair saliva short_hair sidelocks standing sweatdrop symbol-shaped_pupils teeth thighs tongue trembling wavy_mouth yuri
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 1girl absurdres alternate_costume barefoot black_shirt blind_girl_(popopoka) blonde_girl_(popopoka) body_freckles character_print collarbone cookie english_text food food_in_mouth freckles grey_eyes grey_pants hair_between_eyes highres multicolored_background original pants popopoka self_character_print shirt short_sleeves sitting solo standing t-shirt
 2boys 4girls absurdres ahoge anal anal_object_insertion arm_tattoo arrow_(projectile) bent_over blind_girl_(popopoka) blonde_girl_(popopoka) blonde_hair bow_(weapon) breasts chair chest_tattoo closed_mouth collared_shirt crossed_bangs dreadlocks facial_tattoo freckles frown genderswap genderswap_(mtf) guitar_case hair_between_eyes highres holding holding_arrow holding_bow_(weapon) holding_weapon instrument_case jacket knees_up long_sleeves lying multiple_boys multiple_girls necktie object_insertion on_back original pale_skin pants popopoka shirt shoes short_hair shorts small_breasts smile speech_bubble stomach_tattoo striped_underwear tattoo thighhighs weapon

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