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For when the freckles go beyond the face and are on the chest, shoulders, back, etc.

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 absurdres alcohol baldur's_gate baldur's_gate_3 blue_dress blush body_freckles braid breasts chain closed_mouth cowboy_shot diadem dress dungeons_and_dragons elf eyeshadow freckles from_side green_eyes highres liquid long_hair looking_to_the_side makeup medium_breasts pointy_ears shadowheart_(baldur's_gate) shy sidelocks simple_background solo standing wine
 1boy ass body_freckles butt_crack chastity_cage clothes_pull cynbin denim english_text freckles freckles_on_ass from_side green_eyes huge_ass jeans looking_back male_focus no_nut_november pants pants_pull penis pink_hair precum short_hair small_penis solo standing thick_thighs thighs trap wide_hips
 1boy @_@ anus body_freckles chastity_cage comic cynbin english_text facing_viewer freckles freckles_on_ass green_eyes hypnosis looking_at_viewer male_focus mind_control no_nut_november open_mouth pink_eyes pink_hair precum sitting small_penis small_testicles solo spread_legs testicles trap uncensored
 1boy 1girl ^^^ alpha_transparency anus ass bent_over body_freckles bottomless calamity33 character_name cowboy_shot cum cum_in_pussy dark-skinned_female dark-skinned_male dark_skin dialogue_box dialogue_options dimples_of_venus dori_(genshin_impact) english_text freckles genshin_impact hetero highres interracial kyojiri_loli leaning_forward loli long_hair looking_at_viewer mating_press multiple_views panels penis pink_hair pixel_art purple_headwear rape sex solo_focus sound_effects speech_bubble star-shaped_pupils star_(symbol) sunglasses symbol-shaped_pupils testicles thighs uncensored vaginal wide_hips yellow_eyes
 1girl artist_name ass ass_freckles beach bikini black_eyes body_freckles breasts commentary dimples_of_venus english_commentary english_text flipherrrr freckles hairband highres huge_ass kim_pine medium_breasts ocean profile red_hair scott_pilgrim_(series) sitting solo swimsuit thighs thong_bikini yellow_bikini yellow_hairband
 1girl absurdres artist_name bebatch blue_eyes blue_skin blush body_freckles breasts closed_mouth colored_skin completely_nude earrings freckles highres jewelry large_areolae large_breasts monster_girl multicolored_skin navel_piercing nipple_piercing nipples nude orange_skin original piercing pointy_ears scylla signature sitting slime_(substance) smile solo star-shaped_pupils star_(symbol) stomach stud_earrings symbol-shaped_pupils tentacle_hair tentacles white_background white_skin

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