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Small brownish dots on found on the skin of people with fair complexions. Biologically, they are simply clusters of concentrated melanin that can lighten or darken depending on one's exposure to the sun.

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 1boy :d black_eyes black_hair braid braided_ponytail braided_tail breasts brown_hair capelet centaur cleavage cropped_torso dark-skinned_female dark_skin dress earphones freckles grey_eyes hands_on_another's_cheeks hands_on_another's_face hooves jewelry kui_ryouko long_hair multiple_girls necklace open_mouth original parted_bangs pendant pointy_ears red_eyes red_hair red_lips short_hair sketch smile stretching taur wavy_hair white_background
 1boy ;d ^^^ animal animal_crossing arm_up backwards_hat baseball_cap belt_pouch black_headwear blue_eyes buck_teeth c.j._(animal_crossing) cellphone commentary_request drawstring eyewear_on_head fish fish_request fishing fishing_rod freckles furry furry_male hat holding holding_animal holding_fish holding_fishing_rod holding_phone hood hood_down hoodie looking_at_viewer looking_back male_focus mikami multiple_views nintendo one_eye_closed open_clothes open_mouth open_vest orange_shorts phone pouch shark short_sleeves shorts simple_background smartphone smile star_(symbol) sunglasses teeth v-shaped_eyebrows vest water water_drop whale_shark white_background white_hoodie wide-eyed yellow_vest
 2boys animal_crossing backwards_hat baseball_cap beach beetle black_footwear black_headwear black_jacket blue_eyes blue_sky boots bug butterfly_net c.j._(animal_crossing) can chair cloud coconut coconut_tree commentary_request cooler day drawstring drinking eyewear_on_head flick_(animal_crossing) folding_chair food freckles furry furry_male grass grey_shirt grill hand_net hat holding holding_butterfly_net holding_can holding_tongs hood hood_down hoodie horns insect jacket kebab male_focus mikami mountainous_horizon multiple_boys nintendo open_clothes open_jacket open_mouth open_vest orange_shorts palm_tree pants purple_eyes red_pants sand shirt short_sleeves shorts simple_background skewer sky sleeveless sleeveless_jacket smoke soda soda_can spikes standing sunglasses tongs tree vest water white_background white_hoodie yellow_vest
 2girls ascot black_coat black_vest blush braid checkered_hairband closed_eyes coat commentary_request dress freckles grey_hair hair_bun half-closed_eyes imminent_kiss ioi_33333 korean_commentary long_hair looking_at_another multiple_girls noses_touching orange_hair parted_lips purple_brooch reverse:1999 side_braid simple_background single_side_bun sonetto_(reverse:1999) sweatdrop trembling two_side_up upper_body vertin_(reverse:1999) vest waistcoat white_ascot white_background white_dress yuri
 1girl animal antlers blue_bow blue_bowtie blue_ribbon blunt_bangs bow bowtie braid brown_hair closed_eyes closed_mouth collar collared_dress commentary deer dress earrings english_text eyelashes fingernails freckles from_side green_background hair_ornament hair_ribbon highres holding holding_animal jewelry lace-trimmed_collar lace-trimmed_sleeves lace_trim leaf leaf_hair_ornament light_blush long_sleeves low_twin_braids noses_touching orange_dress orange_sleeves original pink_nails polka_dot polka_dot_dress polka_dot_sleeves puffy_long_sleeves puffy_sleeves ribbon sample_watermark smile solo sparkle star_(symbol) symbol-only_commentary twin_braids upper_body vertical-striped_collar watermark weibo_username white_collar yeshisi
 2girls black_hair bright_pupils closed_mouth collared_shirt commentary english_commentary freckles grey_eyes grey_hair hair_bun highres minhchiru multiple_girls panty_&_stocking_with_garterbelt parody parted_lips red_eyes reverse:1999 schneider_(reverse:1999) shirt simple_background single_side_bun smile style_parody vertin_(reverse:1999) white_background white_pupils white_shirt yuri

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