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後藤 ひとり, She is often referred to as Bocchi (ぼっち)

She is a pink_haired girl with long_hair who wears a pink tracksuit and skirt as her default outfit. She ties her hair into a single side tail with blue and yellow cube ornaments. She is the protagonist and eponymous character of Bocchi_the_Rock!.

She is an extremely socially anxious girl who has never had friends her entire life and is only close to her immediate family. After seeing a TV interview where a rock star admits to being an introvert in the past, she is inspired to pick up the guitar, which she believes will help her make friends and shine as a star. While she becomes a proficient guitarist by the time she reaches high school, with a growing channel called guitarhero, she still remains friendless. This changes once she meets Ijika Nijika who recruits her to join her band, Kesshoku Band, as a last minute replacement for a guitarist that bailed. Gotou is extremely neurotic, constantly underestimating herself and overthinking every social interaction she gets into. When she starts panicking, her imagination goes into overdrive as she imagines all sorts of bizarre consequences over her potential mistakes. These imagination segments, in the anime, are portrayed with a wide variety of mediums such as claymation, stop motion, different anime art styles, and even live action footage. Fortunately for her, her fellow bandmates are sympathetic to her issues and honestly find her quirks amusing. Her years of practicing guitar also pay off for her as she is able to pull off powerful performances whenever she gains enough confidence or motivation to override her neuroses.

The final version of her character was one of the ways creator Hamaji Aki used to differentiate her series from the most well known girl rock band manga, K-On!, which was also a Manga Kirara series. In the earlier drafts of the series, Bocchi was portrayed as a more cheerful character, but the editor felt that this version of the series didn't quite work, so Hamaji changed her to her current form and this influenced the tone the series would take.

She is voiced by Aoyama_Yoshino, and thanks to the series' darkhorse success, this role became her most famous role since Nanase Yoshino from the idol series Wake Up Girls!

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 1girl ahoge apron aqua_eyes belindraw_(tumblr) black_bow black_bowtie black_skirt blush bocchi_the_rock! bow bowtie chain-link_fence cube_hair_ornament detached_collar feet_out_of_frame fence frilled_apron frilled_skirt frills garter_straps gotoh_hitori guitar hair_ornament hand_up highres holding holding_instrument holding_plectrum instrument maid maid_apron maid_headdress miniskirt one_side_up parted_lips pink_hair plectrum puffy_short_sleeves puffy_sleeves short_sleeves skirt solo sparkle thighhighs white_apron white_thighhighs wrist_cuffs
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 1girl blush bocchi_the_rock! facing_viewer gloves gotoh_hitori hair_ornament highres hinghoi jacket meme nervous_smile open_mouth pink_hair pov pov_cheek_warming_(meme) red_gloves red_scarf scarf smile solo sweatdrop upper_body wavy_mouth
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