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オリジナル 創作 原創 原创 看板娘 看板息子 自キャラ オリキャラ オリジナル艦娘 オリ刀剣 창작 oc 创作 うちの子 うちの娘 オリジナルキャラクター 自作キャラ Оригинальный original original_character ออริจินอล オリジナルフレンズ オリフレ 原画 オリジナルキャラ 創作男女

Artwork depicting a subject that isn't from any established copyright. Basically, art that is not fanart.

Make sure to confirm that the art really is original before you add this tag. Google character names or search them on

Some art may depict original subjects alongside subjects from an established copyright. In this case, the art should be tagged as original and with the tag for the copyright.

If the artwork shows a different artist's original character, include the borrowed_character tag as well.

Outside tags

Most original artworks on Pixiv are tagged with:

* オリジナル ("Original")
* 創作 ("Creation")
* 原創 (Original via Taiwan artist)
* 原创 (Original via China artist)
* 看板娘 ("Poster Girl" of Artist's Webpage)
* 自キャラ (Own Character)
* オリキャラ (OriChara)

Note: Some works on Pixiv are occasionally tagged original by accident. Art by the character designer for an established copyright also sometimes tag their work as original—on Gelbooru, these should be tagged with the corresponding copyright instead.

See also

* borrowed_character
* copyright_request
* List_of_original_characters

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 1girl ahoge bag bare_shoulders black_hair blue_eyes breasts cellphone cyclone_(reizei) hair_between_eyes highres large_breasts long_hair original phone pleated_skirt ribbed_sweater road_sign shoulder_bag sign skirt sleeveless smartphone solo stop_sign sweatdrop sweater turtleneck

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