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Tag type: General

A pinching_gesture or pinky_out gesture used to humiliate a person's penis size. Usually tied to small_penis_humiliation.

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 1girl 2boys beach bikini blonde_hair blush breasts censored clothed_female_nude_male dark-skinned_male dark_skin interracial large_breasts laughing melondraws mosaic_censoring multiple_boys nude ocean orange_hair outdoors penis short_hair small_penis small_penis_humiliation smile solo_focus swimsuit tiny_gesture yu-gi-oh!
 2boys 2girls 2koma annoyed artist_name black_hair blush breast_press breasts brown_eyes brown_hair closed_mouth collarbone comic completely_nude dark-skinned_male dark_skin erection eyebrows eyelashes facejob ffm_threesome final_fantasy final_fantasy_vii frottage group_sex half-closed_eye half-closed_eyes headband hetero jessie_rasberry large_breasts large_penis laughing licking_lips lip_biting looking_afar looking_at_viewer looking_to_the_side melondraws middle_finger multiple_boys multiple_girls naughty_face nose_blush nude one_eye_closed penis penis_on_face penis_size_difference pink_background ponytail pov pov_crotch red_eyes red_headband simple_background small_penis small_penis_humiliation smug teeth testicles threesome tifa_lockhart tiny_gesture tongue tongue_out uncensored upper_body very_dark_skin wavy_mouth
 1girl 2boys absurdres ahoge blue_eyes blush breasts censored dark-skinned_male dark_skin facing_viewer high_school_dxd highres interracial large_breasts large_penis looking_at_penis multiple_boys nipples nude open_mouth penis penis_size_difference red_hair rias_gremory small_penis small_penis_humiliation smile studio_oppai tiny_gesture
 1girl 2boys bra breasts check_translation enari_(kanbaratouyo) femdom highres kneeling large_breasts large_penis medium_hair monochrome multiple_boys naughty_face navel penis penis_size_comparison penis_size_difference pinky_out simple_background small_penis small_penis_humiliation small_testicles smile speech_bubble teasing testicles tiny_gesture translated translation_request trembling underwear
 1boy 1girl after_ejaculation after_paizuri bar_censor between_legs blush breasts brown_eyes censored cleavage closed_eyes cum cum_on_body cum_on_breasts cum_on_upper_body double_v earrings embarrassed enari_(kanbaratouyo) gyaru handsfree_paizuri highres indoors jewelry kneeling large_breasts large_penis multicolored_hair nail_polish nipples open_mouth oral original paizuri penis penis_size_comparison penis_size_difference pinching_gesture pink_hair pinky_out pov recording school school_uniform small_penis small_penis_humiliation speech_bubble split_screen sweatdrop tiny_gesture translated trembling trembling_legs twitching_penis under_table v w_arms
 1boy 1girl between_legs blush breasts brown_eyes cleavage closed_eyes earrings embarrassed enari_(kanbaratouyo) gyaru highres indoors jewelry kneeling large_breasts multicolored_hair nail_polish open_mouth original pinching_gesture pink_hair pinky_out pov school school_uniform small_penis small_penis_humiliation speech_bubble sweatdrop tiny_gesture translated trembling trembling_legs twitching_penis under_table

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