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2021-03-14 21:31:57
>> #2598647
Don't we all wish we were girls getting raped?
2021-02-04 12:21:04
>> #2590673
I wish I was her * ^*
2021-03-14 21:25:05
>> #2598646
I swear this is a trace of something... I swear I've seen two girls in this exact same pose before.. even the eyes look familiar
2021-03-14 21:16:58
>> #2598645
Damn I'd love to be raped like those girls
2019-12-18 21:37:54
>> #2471240
mmm sp hot seeing a sexy girl's feet and mouth being used and enjoyed by hard cock
2019-12-13 07:45:53
>> #2469102
this is so hot~
2019-12-09 21:25:37
>> #2467954
Hopefully this will be their fate for the remainder of their lives.
2021-03-14 21:12:20
>> #2598644
Looks like the pocks are on the back of the mouth gag, and side of the belt. So in order to undo the mouth gag she has to lie on her back, and scoot around until the key fits into the lock. She then has to rotate her body around, until it unlocks. In the process the skirt will ride up and everyone will be able to see the chastity belt, along with the attachments.
2021-02-25 10:34:58
>> #2594726
google translate:

A. The attached ball gag with a lock has a cloth that is pushed into the mouth to prevent words and running.

B. The shirt and skirt are threaded so that they can be rolled up when pulled, and the tips of the threads come out from both waists of the skirt and are connected to the thumbs of both hands.

C. Vaginal dildo. Always vibrating. Semen inside.

D. Battery.

E. Anal plug.

F. A belt with a lock secures the skirt to the waist inside. The belt cannot be cut with scissors.

One minute after the G. pin comes off or two hours after the start, the anal plug emits a strong low frequency and the vibrator in the vagina releases the semen inside from the tip. The pin is also threaded.

H. The thread has some burrs that prevent it from returning.

I. A belt and a ball gag key are attached. They are fixedly installed facing up on the floor in front of the entrance of a woman's house.

It usually feels stiff

The difference is about the cross section in the vagina and with or without glasses and mask.

It's an exposed walk, but there isn't much exposure
2021-03-14 21:07:37
>> #2598642
I was hoping that 'K' was also set up so that it was a Molestatron, where the only way for her to get the ESB sockets to engage would be to shove her breasts into a pair of depressions that are designed to molest her until she is able to back away.

Have the screen show that it will require her to stay in place for half an hour, and during that half hour she gets to watch porn. Also good if there is a recharger set up for the battery pack too.
2021-03-08 13:38:27
>> #2597252

Thanks so much for the DM notification and taking the time to translate the whole thing!! A very interesting situation that she's managed to get herself into it seems.
2021-03-07 18:44:10
>> #2597102
A scheduled publishing of the girl's secret masturbation video on a certain video posting site has been set for 2 hours time.

The USB memory devices (E) fixed to each arm of the girl have the details of the site address, the user account set for posting, and the login password information, saved in a manner so that you can only get the details by combining the information from BOTH of the devices.The front door of her home is unlocked. The season is spring. the wind is strong.

If a USB memory device is not facing up, the base (F) will be immersed in salt water (H), damaging it and destroying the data. There is a water-soluble paper partition (G) between the salt water (H) and the base (F) so that any vaporized water does not damage the base (F).

A USB extension cable (K) is connected to her home PC of the girl (L) so that she can connect the USB devices while they are facing up (the sockets are fixed either side of the pillar with the sockets facing down).

A vibe (A) is inserted in her vagina and it is constantly vibrating. A butt plug (B) is inserted in her ass.

A ball gag (C) is fastened under the mask. When the fastening (D) of the ball gag (C) is removed, a strong low frequency electric shock starts flowing through the butt plug (B).

Open pockets (I) have been sewn into the inside of the skirt so that it catches the wind and floats up.

The battery (J) for the vibrator and shocking plug is fixed to her waist.

"The wind is strong in spring. It can't be helped because it's something that nature does.
I can't lower my hands, so the only thing I can do is crouch down."
2021-03-01 07:16:26
>> #2595624
Can someone translate this and DM me for a notification? ♥
2021-03-14 20:29:55
>> #2598640
Anal: it's what friends are for.
2019-12-06 00:24:47
>> #2466411
OH! this is it! my biggest wish!
2018-08-23 11:23:15
>> #2273073
This is true pleasure!!
2018-08-23 11:10:18
>> #2273070
This is True love!
2021-03-14 20:24:41
>> #2598638
Oh my, this why I keep saying not being a lolicon is hard, Tashkent sure triggers my inner lolicon, it is impossible not to consider her a sexy cutie pie.
2021-03-14 19:48:00
>> #2598628
Dare I say, you’re... confused about your feelings?
2021-02-20 17:35:15
>> #2593753
uhhhhh what? I have no idea how to feel about this picture

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