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1girl, absurdres, ass, azur lane, bare shoulders, blue eyes, breasts, chair, craiven, frosted glass, grey hair, hair between eyes, heterochromia, highres, indoors, long hair, looking at viewer, looking back, medium breasts, murmansk (azur lane), murmansk (sceneries of pure snow) (azur lane), pillow, purple eyes, solo, white nightgown, window
absurdres, adjusting hair, azur lane, bare shoulders, blush, breasts, breasts apart, chair, collarbone, eyebrows visible through hair, grey hair, hair brush, hair ribbon, head tilt, heterochromia, highres, holding, holding brush, indoors, light smile, looking at viewer, murmansk (azur lane), murmansk (sceneries of pure snow) (azur lane), nightgown, official alternate costume, pillow, ping zhong yu, purple eyes, ribbon, sidelocks, small breasts, white nightgown
2girls, absurdres, alternate costume, black skirt, blonde hair, chair, dress, highres, kneeling, long skirt, long sleeves, looking at another, maribel hearn, minus (sr mineka), multiple girls, no headwear, purple dress, sitting, skirt, touching, touhou, usami renko
1girl, ass, blush, buruma, chair, drawing, eyebrows visible through hair, hat, highres, jakuzure nonon, kill la kill, looking at viewer, looking back, open mouth, partially colored, pink eyes, pink hair, pink track suit, red buruma, shiny, shiny hair, short hair, simple background, sitting, solo, table, track suit, white background
1boy, belt, black headwear, black pants, boots, chair, commentary request, creatures (company), elbow gloves, game freak, gloves, green eyes, green hair, hat, looking at viewer, male focus, momoji (lobolobo2010), nintendo, pants, parted lips, pokemon, pokemon (game), pokemon hgss, popped collar, proton (pokemon), shiny, shiny hair, short hair, sitting, smile, solo, team rocket, white footwear, white gloves
1girl, alcohol, animal ears, armchair, armpit peek, bangs, bare shoulders, black coat, black hair, black legwear, black leotard, black neckwear, blush, bow, bowtie, breasts, breasts apart, bunny ears, chair, closed mouth, coat, collar, collarbone, cup, detached collar, drinking glass, easy chair, eyebrows visible through hair, eyelashes, fake animal ears, fangxiang cuoluan, feet, fingernails, full body, high heels, highleg, highleg leotard, highres, holding, holding cup, indoors, knees up, leotard, light smile, long hair, long sleeves, looking at viewer, medium breasts, nail polish, off-shoulder coat, off shoulder, original, pantyhose, pink nails, playboy bunny, reclining, shiny, shiny hair, shiny skin, shoe removed, shoe soles, shoes, sidelocks, single shoe, sleeve cuffs, soles, solo, stiletto heels, straight hair, strapless, strapless leotard, tailcoat, toes, v-shaped eyebrows, white collar, wine, wine glass, wing collar, yellow eyes
1boy, alternate costume, bangs, blues (rockman), brown coat, brown hair, buttons, cafe, chair, chikichi, closed mouth, coat, coffee, cup, drink, gloves, hand up, highres, holding, holding cup, indoors, jpeg artifacts, long sleeves, male focus, menu, plant, plate, reading, rockman, rockman 3, scarf, short hair, solo, spoon, steam, sugar bowl, sunglasses, swept bangs, table, teacup, white gloves, window, yellow scarf
1girl, blue bodysuit, bodysuit, bottle, chair, commentary request, fallout (series), fallout 76, from behind, glass, grey hair, indoors, lamp, map, medium hair, messy room, nyarin25, screen, sitting, solo, table
1girl, black eyes, brown pants, chair, door, from above, grey hair, highres, indoors, leaf, long sleeves, looking at viewer, medium hair, no mouth, no nose, original, pants, plant, potted plant, run rurun, shadow, shelf, solo
adam (sk8), bangs, bikkusama, blue hair, blue jacket, blue pants, blue suit, chair, collared shirt, cowboy shot, dress shirt, flower, formal, hair between eyes, highres, holding, holding flower, indoors, jacket, light particles, long sleeves, looking at viewer, necktie, open mouth, pants, purple neckwear, red eyes, rose, shirt, short hair, sitting, sk8 the infinity, smile, tsurime, white shirt, window
1girl, absurdres, aru (blue archive), bangs, blue archive, blush, bra, breasts, chair, cleavage, eyebrows visible through hair, gloves, hani haya, highres, horns, huge filesize, long hair, looking at viewer, open mouth, pencil skirt, pink bra, pink hair, sitting, skirt, solo, teeth, twintails, underwear, white gloves, yellow eyes
1girl, :d, absurdres, apron, armchair, bangs, black footwear, black hairband, black jacket, black ribbon, blonde hair, blue dress, blue eyes, book, book stack, card, chair, checkered, chess piece, club (shape), collared dress, commentary request, diamond (shape), dress, eyebrows visible through hair, hair ribbon, hairband, hand up, heart, highres, indoors, jacket, long hair, low twintails, on chair, open mouth, orange legwear, original, pantyhose, picture (object), picture frame, playing card, puffy short sleeves, puffy sleeves, ribbon, round teeth, shoes, short sleeves, sitting, smile, solo, spade (shape), swept bangs, table, teeth, twintails, upper teeth, very long hair, wang man, white apron
1girl, absurdres, bangs, blonde hair, book, book stack, bra, breasts, can, chair, character request, cleavage, clock, copyright request, crossed arms, earrings, gibagiba, highres, in mouth, jewelry, large breasts, long hair, paper, pink eyes, pink scrunchie, scrunchie, shirt, short shorts, shorts, side ponytail, sitting, stylus, tablet pc, thighs, underwear, white shirt, wire
1girl, black shirt, blazer, breasts, brown eyes, brown hair, chair, collar, collared shirt, cubicle, dress shirt, hair behind ear, highres, indoors, jacket, large breasts, looking to the side, marotix, mole, mole under eye, office, office chair, office lady, open mouth, original, shirt, short hair, translation request
..., 1girl, a, alternate costume, artist name, bangs, black footwear, black skirt, blush, brown eyes, chair, collared shirt, commentary, english commentary, eyebrows visible through hair, from above, highres, nose blush, office chair, office lady, open mouth, original, pencil skirt, shirt, short hair, skirt, snowcie, snowciel, solo, speech bubble, spotlight, sweat, torn clothes, torn skirt, white shirt
1girl, 1other, absurdres, bangs, breasts, chair, chalkboard, classroom, closed mouth, collared shirt, demon tail, desk, dress shirt, eyebrows visible through hair, flower, hair between eyes, hair flower, hair ornament, hand holding, highres, huge filesize, junkt729, layered clothing, locker, looking at viewer, medium breasts, momo velia deviluke, outstretched arm, pink eyes, pink hair, purple eyes, school, school uniform, shirt, short hair, short sleeves, sitting, sweater, sweater vest, tail, to love-ru, to love-ru darkness, upper body, white shirt, yellow sweater
1girl, absurdres, barefoot, black hair, blue skirt, brown eyes, chair, dark skin, dark skinned female, feet, female focus, hair ornament, hairclip, highres, looking at viewer, ls 99ml, open mouth, original, pleated skirt, red neckwear, sailor collar, school uniform, short hair, simple background, sitting, sitting backwards, skirt, solo, tan, tanline, toes, twitter username, white background
Rule 34 | 1boy, 1girl, ahagon umiko, beige pants, brown hair, censored, chair, clothed female nude male, computer, dark skin, expressionless, flip-flops, footjob, green shirt, long sleeves, mosaic censoring, new game!, nude, pants, penis, sandaljob, sandals, sasa (suliwa1993), shirt, shoe soles, shoejob, sitting, swivel chair, tile floor, tiles
1boy, 1girl, absurdres, barefoot, black hair, chair, child, cup, curry, daji (sihanjir), english text, father and daughter, food, fork, highres, long hair, natt (sihanjir), original, plate, purple shirt, red eyes, rice, shadow, shirt, short hair, short sleeves, sihanjir, sparkle, spoon, striped, striped shirt, table
(9), 2boys, 3girls, ^^^, alice margatroid, apron, asatsuki (cookie), bangs, barefoot, basket, bee, belt, black belt, black footwear, black hair, black hairband, black ribbon, blouse, blunt bangs, bois de justice, bow, brown footwear, bug, chair, clock, collared blouse, column, commentary request, cookie (touhou), cowboy shot, creature, cup, dies irae, dress, easter egg, egg, eska (cookie), eyebrows visible through hair, fence, fishing rod, food, frilled apron, frills, fruit, fuckin animal, full body, genpatsu (cookie), grass, green skirt, green vest, hair between eyes, hair ribbon, hairband, hat, hat bow, hazuna rio, head out of frame, highres, hinase (cookie), holding, holding cup, holding fishing rod, holding paper, honey, insect, izayoi sakuya, jacket, jyu (cookie), kirisame marisa, konpaku youmu, leg up, long hair, looking at another, maid, manatsu no yo no inmu, middle finger, miura meat, multiple boys, multiple girls, nazrin, nyon (cookie), open mouth, outdoors, own hands together, paper, pillar, plate, purple dress, red eyes, ribbon, sarashi, shinza bansho series, shoes, short hair, sitting, skirt, sleeveless, sleeveless dress, snail, table, teacup, touhou, tsuno (nicoseiga11206720), upper teeth, very short hair, vest, white apron, white blouse, white dress, white hair, witch hat
3boys, 3girls, asatsuki (cookie), bangs, baseball cap, black dress, black hair, black hairband, black jacket, blonde hair, blouse, blue bow, blunt bangs, boots, bow, braid, brown hair, brown pants, chair, closed mouth, collared blouse, commentary request, cookie (touhou), dinosaur, dinosaur adventure, dress, eyes closed, eyewear removed, feathers, formal, frilled sleeves, frills, full body, glasses, green dress, hair bow, hair feathers, hairband, hat, headwear removed, highres, holding, holding microphone, indoors, jacket, jyu (cookie), kirisame marisa, konpaku youmu, long dress, long hair, long sleeves, looking at another, looking to the side, manatsu no yo no inmu, microphone, multi-tied hair, multiple boys, multiple girls, music, necktie, one eye closed, open mouth, oro (dinosaur adventure), pants, patchouli knowledge, peeking, phonograph, pink shirt, plant, potted plant, purple capelet, purple eyes, purple hair, red bow, red headwear, rei (cookie), shirt, shoes, short hair, side braid, singing, single braid, sitting, striped, suit, sunglasses, sunglasses removed, sweat, taisa (cookie), touhou, tsuno (nicoseiga11206720), vertical-striped dress, vertical stripes, very short hair, w, watch, white blouse, white hair, window, wristwatch, yee (meme), yellow eyes
1boy, 5girls, aika (cookie), alice margatroid, animal ears, asatsuki (cookie), ascot, bangs, barefoot, basket, bunny ears, candy, chair, closed mouth, commentary request, cookie, cookie (touhou), curtains, dress, eyebrows visible through hair, feathers, film reel, food, formal, full body, grin, guitar, hair feathers, hairband, hat, heart, hide (acceed), highres, holding, holding basket, holding instrument, inaba tewi, indoors, instrument, jyu (cookie), konpaku youmu, limited palette, long hair, looking at another, mallet, manatsu no yo no inmu, money, mouth hold, movie, multiple girls, nail, open mouth, pants, patchouli knowledge, projector screen, puffy short sleeves, puffy sleeves, ribbon-trimmed dress, sakuranbou (cookie), seiza, shameimaru aya, shirtless, shoes, short hair, short sleeves, sitting, smile, soda bottle, standing, star (symbol), suit, sunglasses, table, taisa (cookie), takuya (acceed), tokin hat, touhou, tsuno (nicoseiga11206720), yuwo (cookie)
Rule 34 | 1girl, blush, brown eyes, brown hair, camonome, chair, classroom, cleft of venus, desk, no panties, original, ponytail, pubic hair, pussy, pussy juice, pussy juice drip, solo, v
1boy, 2girls, arm tattoo, asatsuki (cookie), aztec, bangs, bodypaint, breasts, chair, cigarette, cleavage, commentary request, cookie (touhou), dress, eyebrows visible through hair, feet out of frame, hair between eyes, hat, hazuna rio, highres, jewelry, kirisame marisa, konpaku youmu, long hair, long sleeves, looking at another, looking to the side, multiple girls, necklace, open mouth, paintbrush, patchouli knowledge, restrained, sarashi, sepia, short hair, sitting, sleeveless, sleeveless dress, smoking, striped, taisa (cookie), tattoo, tearing up, tooth necklace, touhou, tsuno (nicoseiga11206720), vertical-striped dress, vertical stripes, witch hat
1girl, blue bow, bow, brown eyes, card (medium), chair, character name, dress, food themed hair ornament, girlfriend (kari), hair ornament, himejima kinoko, indoors, long hair, night, official art, open mouth, purple hair, qp:flapper, sitting, smile, very long hair, white dress
Rule 34 | 1girl, blue skirt, blush, cable, chair, controller, japanese text, joystick, multiple views, necktie, orgasm, pink sweater, saliva, school uniform, short hair, simple background, sitting, sketch, skirt, sweater, tisato, translation request, virtual reality, white background
1girl, :d, bangs, bare shoulders, blush, breasts, brown jacket, center frills, chair, collared shirt, commentary request, dappled sunlight, day, eyebrows visible through hair, frills, hair between eyes, jacket, large breasts, long hair, long sleeves, looking at viewer, off-shoulder jacket, off shoulder, open mouth, original, outdoors, plant, red eyes, satsuki misuzu, shirt, signature, silver hair, sleeveless, sleeveless shirt, sleeves past wrists, smile, solo, sunlight, sweater, table, upper body, upper teeth, white shirt
1girl, ahoge, black sweater, blush, breasts, brown eyes, brown hair, chair, copyright request, from side, hair between eyes, hair ornament, hair scrunchie, highres, holding, holding pen, instant loss 2koma, large breasts, long hair, long sleeves, looking at viewer, looking to the side, mamerakkkkko, mouse (computer), office chair, open mouth, pen, ponytail, scrunchie, solo, sweat, sweater, translation request
Rule 34 | 1girl, blue eyes, blue hair, blush, chair, hand up, highres, magia record: mahou shoujo madoka magica gaiden, mahou shoujo madoka magica, nanami yachiyo, ori (pixiv 31473777), peeing, peeing self, puddle, school uniform, solo, trembling, wet, wet clothes
1girl, alternate costume, animal ears, artist name, bare shoulders, blush, brick wall, cake, casual, cat ears, chair, chocolate cake, cup, drink, food, genshin impact, heart, highres, keqing (genshin impact), kilua 715, long sleeves, looking at viewer, plate, purple eyes, purple hair, purple sweater, scarf, sitting, smile, solo, sweater, table, tea, teacup, twintails
1girl, absurdres, aru (blue archive), bangs, bare legs, black skirt, blue archive, blush, cellphone, chair, coat, collared shirt, embarrassed, eyebrows visible through hair, fingers together, fur trim, halo, highres, holding, holding phone, horns, knees up, long hair, long sleeves, looking at viewer, onedoo, open mouth, phone, pov, red coat, red ribbon, ribbon, shirt, sitting, skirt, smartphone, solo, tears, thighs, white shirt, yellow eyes
1girl, animated, animated gif, black hair, book, chair, female focus, holding, holding book, original, peco-pech, pixel art, plant, potted plant, reading, shadow, short hair, socks, solo, wooden floor
3girls, bangs, big hair, bleeding, blood, blush, bob cut, bow, chair, deep wound, detached sleeves, earrings, english text, flat color, flower, from behind, gap (touhou), hair bow, half-closed eyes, hand on another's chin, hat, hat ribbon, heart, highres, holding, holding flower, hug, injury, jewelry, linmiee, long hair, looking at another, matara okina, mob cap, multiple girls, nose blush, on person, pillow hat, profile, ribbon, rose, sepia, short sleeves, sidelocks, sleeping, smile, star (symbol), star earrings, tabard, teardrop, tearing up, touhou, very long hair, vhs artifacts, wide sleeves, yakumo ran, yakumo yukari, yuri, zzz
Rule 34 | 1girl, anus, bangs, bar censor, barefoot, beach chair, beach umbrella, bikini, bikini top, blue gloves, blush, bosshi, bottomless, breasts, censored, chair, closed mouth, day, fate/grand order, fate (series), fingerless gloves, gloves, hair between eyes, highres, horns, large breasts, long hair, looking at viewer, low-tied long hair, mismatched gloves, navel, oni horns, outdoors, ponytail, pussy, red eyes, red gloves, red horns, sand, see-through, short sleeves, silver hair, sitting, smile, solo, spread pussy, swimsuit, tomoe gozen (fate), tomoe gozen (swimsuit saber) (fate), two-tone swimsuit, umbrella
1girl, arms behind back, bdsm, blindfold, bondage, bound, breast bondage, breast press, brown hair, chair, chair tied, crotch rope, dress, dress lift, gag, hair ribbon, hamuta, highres, improvised gag, legs together, long hair, necktie, original, ponytail, ribbon, saliva, short sleeves, solo
1girl, boa (brianoa), book, breasts, chair, character request, closed mouth, folding chair, greyscale, long hair, looking at viewer, looking over eyewear, looking over glasses, monochrome, simple background, solo, sunglasses, swimsuit, tinted eyewear, white background
373907230, 3boys, absurdres, amamiya ren, armchair, arsene (persona 5), black hair, blue hair, chair, checkered, checkered floor, chromatic aberration, dark background, feathered wings, gekkoukan high school uniform, harp, head down, highres, horns, instrument, izanagi (persona 4), legs crossed, looking at viewer, multiple boys, music, narukami yuu, orpheus (persona), over shoulder, persona, persona 3, persona 4, persona 5, playing instrument, scabbard, school uniform, sheath, shuujin academy uniform, silver hair, sitting, sword, weapon, weapon over shoulder, wings, yasogami school uniform, yuuki makoto
404 (girls frontline), 5girls, :3, alcohol, armband, bangs, beer, beer mug, black jacket, black legwear, black scarf, brown eyes, brown hair, chair, commentary, crossover, cup, drinking glass, english commentary, eyes closed, g11 (girls frontline), girls frontline, hair ornament, hairclip, hands on own face, hat, hk416 (girls frontline), indoors, jacket, jill stingray, juliet sleeves, long hair, long sleeves, looking at viewer, mug, multiple girls, necktie, one side up, open clothes, open jacket, pantyhose, pencil skirt, picture (object), picture frame, pleated skirt, ponytail, puffy sleeves, purple hair, purple skirt, purple vest, red eyes, red neckwear, rug, scar, scar across eye, scarf, shirt, sidelocks, silver hair, skirt, tab (tabkun), table, tray, ump45 (girls frontline), ump9 (girls frontline), va-11 hall-a, vest, white hair, white shirt
1girl, bangs, bob cut, chair, chikichi, colored skin, couch, creatures (company), cup, curtains, cushion, drink, drinking, female focus, flat chest, game freak, gardevoir, gen 3 pokemon, green hair, green skin, hair over one eye, hand up, highres, holding, holding cup, holding newspaper, indoors, japanese text, jpeg artifacts, legs crossed, looking down, mug, multicolored, multicolored skin, newspaper, nintendo, plant, pokemon, pokemon (creature), potted plant, reading, red eyes, shiny, shiny hair, short hair, sitting, solo, steam, translation request, two-tone skin, white skin, window
1girl, asymmetrical bangs, bangs, blue archive, blush, braid, breasts, chair, cigarette, ear piercing, floral print, frills, gradient hair, hair between eyes, halo, highres, holding, holding cigarette, indoors, jacket, long sleeves, maid headdress, medium breasts, moko (moko/moko), mole, mole under eye, multicolored hair, neru (blue archive), piercing, pink hair, red eyes, red hair, side braid, sitting, smoke, smoking, solo, sukajan, window
Rule 34 | 2girls, ahoge, areolae, bar censor, black background, blush, bra, bra pull, breasts, censored, chair, check translation, ear piercing, earrings, female pubic hair, heart, heart-shaped pupils, highres, hitachi magic wand, jewelry, long hair, love live!, love live! nijigasaki high school idol club, medium breasts, medium hair, miyashita ai, monochrome, multiple girls, multiple views, navel, necklace, nipples, nude, open mouth, piercing, ponytail, pubic hair, pussy, pussy juice, saliva, scrunchie, sex toy, signature, simple background, sitting, spread legs, star (symbol), star necklace, symbol-shaped pupils, tennouji rina, translation request, underwear, unsfrau, upper teeth, vibrator, yuri
Rule 34 | 1girl, arm support, ass, barefoot, black hair, breasts, chair, chalkboard, classroom, cleft of venus, commentary, desk, expressionless, full body, green eyes, head tilt, highres, indoors, knees up, light frown, looking at viewer, navel, nude, on floor, original, pussy peek, school chair, shiny floor, short hair, sitting, small breasts, solo, texture, tsurime, unno hotaru, wooden floor