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2girls, asphyxiation, ass, battle, belt, black belt, blood, blood from mouth, blush, boots, breasts, bruise, choke hold, choker, commentary, commission, cross-laced footwear, cuts, dougi, english commentary, fang, fighting, foaming at the mouth, greyscale, highres, injury, karate gi, knee boots, knee pads, lace-up boots, large breasts, leg lock, leotard, long hair, makoto (street fighter), monochrome, multiple girls, nose blush, orz, rainbow mika, ribbon choker, ryona, scissorhold, short hair, sitting, sleeves pushed up, strangling, street fighter, street fighter iii (series), street fighter v, struggling, submission hold, sweat, thick thighs, thighs, thong leotard, toe scrunch, toes, trembling, tyrone, upper teeth, wrestling, wrestling outfit
3girls, :d, apron, back bow, black hair, black legwear, blonde hair, blue dress, blue eyes, bow, bowtie, brown eyes, ceru, commentary, cowboy shot, dress, dress lift, earrings, english commentary, facial mark, forehead mark, frilled apron, frills, gloves, jewelry, karinka, koutetsu tenshi kurumi, kurumi (koutetsu tenshi kurumi), leotard, lifted by self, long hair, looking at viewer, multiple girls, open mouth, pantyhose, pink hair, red bow, saki (koutetsu tenshi kurumi), short hair, sidelocks, simple background, smile, standing, white apron, white background, white bow
3girls, absurdres, bikini, blossom (ppg), blue bikini, blush, breasts, bubbles (ppg), buttercup (ppg), commentary, copyright name, english commentary, english text, hair ribbon, hand on hip, highres, large breasts, long ponytail, looking at viewer, medium breasts, multiple girls, open mouth, powerpuff girls, red ribbon, ribbon, sophia vera lu, standing, swimsuit
Rule 34 | 1girl, areolae, arm up, artist name, asymmetrical wings, bangs, bare shoulders, belt, black legwear, blue hair, breasts, commentary, detached sleeves, dizzy (guilty gear), english commentary, fingernails, guilty gear, guilty gear xx, hair between eyes, hair ribbon, highres, large breasts, lips, long hair, long sleeves, looking to the side, lying, nail polish, navel, nipples, on back, optionaltypo, partially submerged, puffy long sleeves, puffy sleeves, red eyes, ribbon, ripples, solo, stomach, tail, thick thighs, thighhighs, thighs, torn clothes, torn legwear, twintails, water, wet, wings, yellow ribbon
2boys, alternate hair color, bare arms, bare shoulders, belt, belt buckle, bracelet, brooch, buckle, catneylang, cheekbones, closed mouth, commentary, covered abs, derivative work, english commentary, eyebrows, eyeshadow, fingerless gloves, gloves, green belt, green gloves, green hair, green headwear, green scarf, grin, head scarf, highres, jewelry, jojo no kimyou na bouken, jojo pose, joseph joestar (young), kars (jojo), legging boots, light smile, makeup, male focus, multiple belts, multiple boys, multiple sources, muscular, muscular male, navel, official alternate costume, pectorals, pose, projected inset, purple eyeshadow, purple hair, red eyes, refraction, scarf, shirtless, short hair, sleeveless, smile, striped, striped scarf, thick eyebrows, visor cap, watch, white background, wristwatch
1girl, aqua eyes, bangs, bendy straw, blonde hair, blue bow, blunt bangs, boater hat, bow, cherry, commentary, cup, domino mask, dress, drinking, drinking straw, elbow rest, english commentary, english text, food, fruit, hat, hat bow, heart, highres, ice cream, ice cream float, inkling, long hair, looking at viewer, mask, melon soda, nintendo, pioxpioo, pointy ears, puffy short sleeves, puffy sleeves, short sleeves, solo, splatoon (series), tentacle hair, twitter username, white dress, white headwear
2girls, arm around shoulder, bangs, black hair, black skirt, blue eyes, blunt bangs, collared shirt, commentary, dated, dress shirt, dual persona, ena, ena (series), english commentary, expressionless, head rest, highres, humanization, long hair, looking at another, looking at viewer, looking up, multiple girls, parted bangs, shirt, short sleeves, signature, simple background, skirt, suspenders, upper body, usagimarumei, wavy mouth, white background, white shirt, wing collar, yellow eyes
2girls, absurdres, armband, azur lane, bed, choker, commentary, commission, crying, english commentary, enterprise (azur lane), gloves, hairband, hand holding, highres, hospital bed, hospital gown, long hair, military, military uniform, multiple girls, naval uniform, north carolina (azur lane), uniform, xanadu avici
1girl, animal ears, cloak, commentary, english commentary, flower, fusion, highres, hollow knight, hololive, hololive english, knight (hollow knight), ninomae ina'nis, ninomae ina'nis (artist), rain, solo
1boy, bangs, black background, black pants, blonde hair, blue eyes, boku no hero academia, collared shirt, commentary, cowboy shot, cup, dutch angle, english commentary, gold, grey jacket, highres, holding, holding cup, jacket, long sleeves, looking at viewer, male focus, necktie, pants, parted lips, school uniform, shirt, short hair, sidelocks, sitting, smile, solo, teeth, trevo (trevoshere), twitter username, u.a. school uniform, white shirt, yagi toshinori, younger
1girl, 2boys, artist name, breast pocket, buttons, calf socks, catneylang, chair, cheekbones, child, closed mouth, collared shirt, commentary, english commentary, erina pendleton, film grain, formal, frills, full body, glasses, grandmother and grandson, hair bun, hand holding, hand on another's shoulder, highres, jacket, jewelry, jojo no kimyou na bouken, joseph joestar (young), loafers, long skirt, long sleeves, looking at viewer, monochrome, multiple boys, multiple sources, neck ribbon, necklace, necktie, old, old man, old woman, older, pants, photo (object), pocket, ribbon, robert eo speedwagon, round eyewear, scar, scar on face, sepia, shirt, shoes, short hair, shorts, sitting, skirt, smile, socks, standing, suit, symbol commentary, watermark, younger
1girl, animal ears, arknights, armor, armpit peek, black jacket, black legwear, breastplate, commentary, earpiece, english commentary, eyebrows visible through hair, gravel (arknights), hair between eyes, jacket, lips, long hair, longmoon0909, looking at viewer, mixed-language commentary, mouse ears, off shoulder, open clothes, open jacket, pink eyes, pink hair, shirt, simple background, sleeveless, sleeveless shirt, smile, solo, thighhighs, torn clothes, torn legwear, white background, white shirt
1girl, absurdres, barefoot, belt collar, blue hair, bob cut, breasts, choker, collar, commentary, covering face, earrings, english commentary, heart-shaped lock, heart on chest, highres, idolmaster, idolmaster cinderella girls, jewelry, large breasts, multicolored hair, no bra, on bed, panties, pill earrings, pink choker, pink collar, pink hair, pink wristband, recording, shirt, shirt pull, side-tie panties, sitting, skeleton print, smile, solo, sweat, t-shirt, trash bag, two-tone hair, underwear, untied, untied panties, wariza, wassnonnam, wrist cutting, wristband, yumemi riamu
2girls, artist logo, bare shoulders, breasts, commentary, cowboy shot, cross, demon girl, dress, dress lift, drooling, elbow gloves, english commentary, fangs, gloves, habit, hair over one eye, highres, jewelry, large breasts, looking at viewer, medium hair, multicolored hair, multiple girls, necklace, nun, nyantcha, open mouth, original, panties, purple eyes, purple lips, red eyes, red hair, scar, scar on face, short hair, siblings, sisters, speech bubble, string panties, thighhighs, thighs, two-tone hair, underwear, white gloves, white hair, white legwear
Rule 34 | 1girl, ahoge, barefoot, belt, blush, breasts, brown pants, cape, commentary, commission, completely nude, cross-laced footwear, dagger, english commentary, female pubic hair, fingerless gloves, fold-over boots, gloves, green cape, grey belt, grey footwear, grey gloves, hand on hip, head tilt, highres, holding, holding dagger, holding weapon, looking at viewer, medium breasts, medium hair, multiple views, navel, nipples, nude, one eye closed, original, pants, pink hair, pink pubic hair, pointy ears, popopoka, pubic hair, red eyes, shirt, smile, solo, weapon, white shirt
artsy-rc, buzzwole, commentary, creatures (company), cropped torso, crown, drawn crown, drawn wings, english commentary, flexing, game freak, gen 7 pokemon, hand up, highres, nintendo, no humans, pokemon, pokemon (creature), pose, signature, simple background, solo, ultra beast, upper body, white background
:3, artsy-rc, audino, black border, border, character name, commentary, creatures (company), english commentary, game freak, gen 5 pokemon, gen 8 pokemon, highres, indeedee, indeedee (female), looking at viewer, nintendo, no humans, parody, pokemon, sanrio, signature, smile, style parody
:3, :d, artsy-rc, child drawing, commentary, creatures (company), english commentary, eyes closed, facing viewer, game freak, gen 1 pokemon, highres, holding, holding drawing, holding sign, nintendo, no humans, open mouth, pikachu, pokemon, sign, signature, simple background, smile, solo, white background
:>, artsy-rc, border, character name, closed mouth, commentary, creatures (company), english commentary, facing viewer, game freak, gen 8 pokemon, hands up, hatenna, hatterene, hattrem, highres, nintendo, no humans, pokemon, purple border, signature, smile, standing
:3, :d, anniversary, artsy-rc, character request, commentary, copyright name, creatures (company), english commentary, game freak, gen 1 pokemon, gen 2 pokemon, gen 3 pokemon, gen 7 pokemon, gen 8 pokemon, highres, logo, minun, morpeko, morpeko (full), nintendo, no humans, open mouth, pichu, pikachu, plusle, pokemon, pokemon (creature), smile, sparkle, togedemaru, trait connection
1girl, :d, artsy-rc, bag, beanie, black legwear, black vest, commentary, creatures (company), dawn (pokemon), english commentary, game freak, gen 4 pokemon, hand on hip, hat, highres, holding, looking at viewer, nintendo, open mouth, pantyhose, pink footwear, pink skirt, piplup, pokemon, pokemon (game), pokemon bdsp, pokemon dppt, purple eyes, signature, skirt, smile, vest, white headwear, zoom layer
1girl, absurdres, azur lane, bed sheet, between breasts, black dress, black nails, blush, breasts, chinese commentary, cleavage, closed mouth, commentary, corset, detached collar, dress, english commentary, flyyao, formidable (azur lane), frilled dress, frills, full body, hair ribbon, highres, large breasts, long hair, long sleeves, mixed-language commentary, nail polish, off-shoulder dress, off shoulder, red eyes, ribbon, silver hair, simple background, sitting, solo, straight hair, twintails, very long hair, white background, white legwear, white neckwear
black gloves, black scarf, brown hair, commentary, commission, earrings, english commentary, fangs, final fantasy, final fantasy xiv, gloves, hair slicked back, highres, hrothgar, japanese clothes, jewelry, katana, kimono, looking at viewer, monster boy, red kimono, round eyewear, sa-dui, samurai (final fantasy), scabbard, scarf, sheath, smile, sunglasses, sword, upper body, weapon, whisker markings
1girl, 4boys, :d, ahoge, animal ears, antenna hair, black nails, black ribbon, blonde hair, blue hair, brown hair, character request, commentary, diamond-shaped pupils, diamond (shape), earrings, english commentary, fang, fang out, fangs, fingernails, fischl (genshin impact), flower, genshin impact, gradient hair, green eyes, green headwear, grey hair, hair between eyes, hair flower, hair ornament, hair ribbon, hand up, hat, highres, jewelry, lavelis, looking at viewer, multicolored hair, multiple boys, nail polish, open mouth, orange eyes, parted lips, pointy ears, red eyes, ribbon, side braids, smile, symbol-shaped pupils, trait connection, two side up, venti (genshin impact), white flower, zhongli (genshin impact)
1girl, abs, ahoge, animal ears, black pants, blurry, blurry background, breasts, cleavage, commentary, commission, cropped hoodie, depth of field, edie crop hoodie, english commentary, facial mark, forehead mark, fox ears, fox tail, gradient hair, gradient tail, gym, hand up, head tilt, highres, holding, hood, hoodie, large breasts, lavelis, long sleeves, looking at viewer, meme attire, multicolored hair, navel, orange eyes, original, pants, parted lips, purple hair, signature, smile, smug, solo, sports bra, standing, tail, towel, towel around neck
1girl, bob cut, closed mouth, collared shirt, commentary, dice, english commentary, from side, highres, original, shirt, simple background, solo, spot color, upper body, wataboku, white background, wing collar
1girl, :d, animal ears, architecture, arknights, artist name, asama (drift in), black hair, car, commentary, dog ears, east asian architecture, english commentary, facial mark, forehead mark, full body, geta, ground vehicle, hand wraps, highres, holding, japanese clothes, kimono, knee pads, long hair, mini cooper, motor vehicle, open mouth, outdoors, pants, purple kimono, purple pants, saga (arknights), shadow, smile, solo, standing, white legwear, yellow eyes
2girls, :d, ahoge, akamatsu kaede, alternate hairstyle, bangs, black skirt, blonde hair, blunt bangs, blush, breasts, brown hair, closed mouth, collared shirt, commentary, criis-chan, danganronpa (series), danganronpa v3: killing harmony, english commentary, frown, hair ornament, hairclip, hand holding, harukawa maki, long hair, long sleeves, looking at viewer, low twintails, medium breasts, miniskirt, multiple girls, musical note hair ornament, necktie, open mouth, pink vest, pleated skirt, purple skirt, red shirt, sailor collar, school uniform, scrunchie, serafuku, shirt, skirt, sleeves rolled up, smile, thighhighs, twintails, vest, white shirt, zettai ryouiki
2girls, :d, ahoge, akamatsu kaede, alternate hairstyle, bangs, blonde hair, blush, brown hair, collarbone, collared shirt, commentary, criis-chan, danganronpa (series), danganronpa v3: killing harmony, english commentary, eyebrows visible through hair, hair ornament, hairclip, harukawa maki, long hair, looking at viewer, low twintails, mole, mole under eye, multiple girls, musical note hair ornament, necktie, open mouth, parted lips, pink vest, portrait, red shirt, sailor collar, school uniform, scrunchie, shirt, smile, twintails, twitter username, upper teeth, vest
1girl, 2021, :3, agawa ryou, all fours, breasts, commentary, dated, english commentary, green hair, grey background, large breasts, long hair, looking at viewer, original, simple background, slit pupils, solo, thighs
1girl, ;p, blush stickers, boa (brianoa), checkbox, chibi, chibi inset, commentary, english commentary, head out of frame, highres, holding, holding paper, konpaku youmu, one eye closed, paper, solo, tongue, tongue out, touhou
4girls, :d, :q, absurdres, alcina dimitrescu, alcina dimitrescu (cosplay), armchair, bat wings, black choker, black cloak, black flower, black gloves, black headwear, black rose, blonde hair, blood, blood on face, blue hair, blurry, blurry background, breasts, chair, choker, cloak, closed mouth, commentary, cosplay, creeper (gametime), crossover, daniela (resident evil), daniela (resident evil) (cosplay), depth of field, dress, english commentary, fangs, fangs out, flandre scarlet, flower, gloves, hands on hips, hat, highres, hood, hood up, indoors, jewelry, long dress, long hair, long sleeves, looking at viewer, medium hair, multiple girls, necklace, open mouth, red eyes, remilia scarlet, resident evil, resident evil village, rose, siblings, sisters, slit pupils, small breasts, smile, smug, tongue, tongue out, touhou, triplets, vampire, white dress, wings
1girl, ascot, black bow, black neckwear, blue eyes, blush, boa (brianoa), bob cut, border, bow, closed mouth, commentary, english commentary, green vest, hair bow, hairband, highres, holding, konpaku youmu, medium hair, reading, shirt, solo, sweat, touhou, vest, white border, white hair, white shirt
Rule 34 | 1girl, alternate hairstyle, artist name, backlighting, bare shoulders, black dress, blurry, breasts, collarbone, colored skin, commentary, cup, depth of field, dress, drinking glass, earrings, english commentary, erection, exlic, full body, fur coat, futanari, gold necklace, hand on hip, high heels, highres, holding, holding cup, hoop earrings, jewelry, medium breasts, nail polish, necklace, overwatch, patreon username, penis, ponytail, purple hair, purple nails, purple skin, red wine, solo, testicles, uncensored, widowmaker (overwatch), wine glass, yellow eyes
1girl, ;d, animal ears, animal print, bell, bikini, breasts, brown hair, cleavage, commentary, cow ears, cow girl, cow horns, cow print, cow tail, english commentary, green eyes, highres, horns, licking lips, long hair, lummy yummy, navel, neck bell, one eye closed, open mouth, print bikini, print legwear, simple background, smile, solo, standing, swimsuit, tail, thighhighs, tongue, tongue out, white background
6+girls, :<, ^ ^, animal, backpack, bag, banana, bangs, basket, bird, blonde hair, blue eyes, blue sky, blush, brown hair, catholic, chocolate chip cookie, closed eyes, commentary, cookie, day, diva (hyxpk), duck, english commentary, eyebrows visible through hair, eyes closed, fence, food, footprints, fruit, glasses, grass, habit, handbag, highres, letter, little nun (diva), long sleeves, mole (animal), multiple girls, nun, outdoors, owl, paper bag, sky, smile, star (symbol), stuffed animal, stuffed frog, stuffed toy, sweatdrop, tree, v-shaped eyebrows, yellow eyes
1boy, bakugou katsuki, bangs, bare shoulders, belt, black gloves, black pants, black shirt, black sleeves, blonde hair, boku no hero academia, camera, closed mouth, collarbone, commentary, detached sleeves, english commentary, expressionless, field, gloves, grass, hair ornament, hand in pocket, hand up, holding, holding camera, male focus, one eye closed, outdoors, pants, red gloves, shirt, short hair, sleeveless, solo, spiked hair, two-tone gloves, wengwengchim
Rule 34 | 1girl, animal ears, animated, animated gif, ass, barefoot, black sclera, blinking, blue pants, blue sports bra, breasts, brown fur, bunny ears, bunny tail, cleavage, colored sclera, commentary, creatures (company), dark skin, dark skinned female, english commentary, fur, game freak, gen 4 pokemon, large breasts, lopunny, midriff, navel, nintendo, one eye closed, pants, pokemon, red eyes, solo, split, sports bra, standing, standing on one leg, standing split, tail, thick eyebrows, thick thighs, thighs, twistedgrim, wide hips, yoga pants
2boys, ass, bakugou katsuki, bangs, bed, belt, black belt, black jacket, black pants, boku no hero academia, commentary, crossdressing, cuffed, cuffs, dress, english commentary, eye contact, freckles, from side, green hair, handcuffs, hat, indoors, jacket, looking at another, looking back, lying, male focus, midoriya izuku, multiple boys, nurse, nurse cap, on bed, on stomach, pants, parted lips, pillow, police, police hat, police uniform, policeman, puffy short sleeves, puffy sleeves, short hair, short sleeves, uniform, wengwengchim, white dress, yaoi
2boys, artist name, bakugou katsuki, bare arms, bare shoulders, black dress, black jacket, blonde hair, boku no hero academia, boy on top, commentary, couch, crossdressing, curtains, dress, english commentary, eyes closed, freckles, green hair, gun, handgun, holding, holding gun, holding knife, holding weapon, jacket, knife, lipstick, looking at another, lying, makeup, male focus, midoriya izuku, multiple boys, nail polish, on back, on couch, pistol, plant, red nails, shirt, shirt grab, shirt pull, short hair, weapon, wengwengchim, wrist grab, yaoi
1boy, artist name, bangs, belt, bodysuit, boku no hero academia, brown belt, commentary, day, elbow gloves, english commentary, freckles, gloves, green hair, hood, hood down, long sleeves, looking at viewer, male focus, mask, midoriya izuku, mouth mask, open mouth, outdoors, short hair, sitting, smile, solo, teeth, wengwengchim, white gloves
1girl, absurdres, animal ears, arknights, bangs, black coat, black gloves, coat, commentary, doren, dress, english commentary, english text, fire, gloves, grey eyes, highres, holding, holding sword, holding weapon, huge filesize, kneeling, lappland (arknights), lappland (refined horrormare) (arknights), long coat, long hair, multiple swords, official alternate costume, open clothes, open coat, planted weapon, ruins, silver hair, solo, sword, weapon, wolf ears