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1girl, bangs, black legwear, black sailor collar, blue hair, blue skirt, blush, closed mouth, commentary request, eyebrows visible through hair, grey background, highres, kanzen bouon, long hair, pantyhose, plaid, plaid skirt, pleated skirt, red eyes, sailor collar, shima rin, shirt, shoe soles, simple background, skirt, socks, socks over pantyhose, solo, sparkle, standing, standing on one leg, toe warmer, very long hair, yellow shirt, yurucamp
arrow (symbol), bean, closed mouth, commentary request, creatures (company), dartrix, eyes closed, florges, game freak, gen 6 pokemon, gen 7 pokemon, head tilt, holding, nibo (att 130), nintendo, no humans, pokemon, pokemon (creature), sparkle, speech bubble, standing, talons, translation request
1boy, absol, bracelet, brushing, carrying, collared shirt, commentary request, creatures (company), dated, elite four, fluffy, game freak, gen 3 pokemon, hair brush, holding, holding pokemon, jacket, jewelry, male focus, mightyena, nibo (att 130), nintendo, pants, pink pants, pokemon, pokemon (creature), pokemon (game), pokemon oras, shirt, short hair, sleeves rolled up, sparkle, translation request, yellow shirt
> <, 3girls, 5boys, alternate costume, arm up, arrow (symbol), bangs, black gloves, black shirt, blonde hair, blush stickers, bruno (pokemon), clenched hand, commentary request, creatures (company), dj mary (pokemon), duskull, electabuzz, eyelashes, fingerless gloves, game freak, gastly, gen 1 pokemon, gen 2 pokemon, gen 3 pokemon, gloves, grey hair, grin, hair ornament, hairclip, hand on own head, headband, holding, holding microphone, karen (pokemon), koga (pokemon), long hair, magnemite, microphone, miltank, misdreavus, morty (pokemon), multiple boys, multiple girls, nibo (att 130), nintendo, one eye closed, open mouth, pink hair, pokemon, pokemon (creature), pokemon (game), pokemon hgss, purple hair, raichu, shirt, short sleeves, smile, sparkle, spiked hair, stretch, surge (pokemon), t-shirt, tongue, twintails, whitney (pokemon), will (pokemon)
+ +, 1girl, :d, blush, book, brown hair, commentary request, creatures (company), dated, devanohundosi, dress, fossil, game freak, gen 3 pokemon, gen 4 pokemon, grey dress, gym leader, hatted pokemon, heavy ball, holding, holding book, holding magnifying glass, long hair, nintendo, nosepass, open mouth, outline, pantyhose, paper, parchment, poke ball, pokemon, pokemon (creature), pokemon (game), pokemon oras, probopass, roxanne (pokemon), shoes, short sleeves, smile, sparkle, timer ball, tongue, translation request, twintails
1boy, blush, brown footwear, bug, bugsy (pokemon), caterpie, collared shirt, commentary request, creatures (company), devanohundosi, game freak, gen 1 pokemon, green umbrella, gym leader, holding, holding umbrella, hood, hood down, leaf, male focus, nintendo, pokemon, pokemon (creature), pokemon (game), pokemon hgss, purple eyes, purple hair, raincoat, shirt, shoes, short hair, socks, sparkle, squatting, translation request, umbrella, weedle, white legwear
!, 1boy, absurdres, alternate costume, apron, argyle, argyle legwear, ascot, bangs, black hair, blue hair, blush, braid, chibi, cup, disposable cup, drinking straw, eyebrows visible through hair, flower, food, french fries, frilled apron, frilled sleeves, frilled suspenders, frills, full body, genshin impact, gradient hair, green eyes, hair between eyes, hair ribbon, hana97 58, hat, hat flower, highres, holding, holding cup, holding food, leaf, long sleeves, looking at viewer, maid, maid apron, male focus, multicolored hair, one eye closed, open mouth, red headwear, ribbon, shoes, short hair with long locks, simple background, sitting, smile, solo, sparkle, standing, teeth, twin braids, venti (genshin impact), wariza, white background, white flower, white legwear
> <, 6+girls, absurdres, albedo (genshin impact), amber (genshin impact), animal, aqua hair, bangs, barbara (genshin impact), beidou (genshin impact), bennett (genshin impact), bird, black hair, blonde hair, blue hair, brown hair, cape, cat, chibi, chongyun (genshin impact), closed mouth, dark skin, dark skinned female, dark skinned male, detached sleeves, diluc (genshin impact), diona (genshin impact), double bun, dress, eating, everyone, eyepatch, eyes closed, fischl (genshin impact), flower, food, ganyu (genshin impact), genshin impact, glasses, goat horns, goggles, goggles on headwear, gradient hair, green hair, grey hair, hair flower, hair ornament, hair ribbon, hair rings, halo, hat, highres, hood, hood up, horns, idomiz, jacket, jean gunnhildr (genshin impact), kaeya (genshin impact), keqing (genshin impact), klee (genshin impact), lantern, lisa (genshin impact), long hair, lumine (genshin impact), mask, mask on head, mona (genshin impact), multicolored hair, multiple boys, multiple girls, night, ningguang (genshin impact), noelle (genshin impact), ofuda, one eye closed, open mouth, orange hair, outdoors, oz (genshin impact), paimon (genshin impact), pants, pink hair, ponytail, purple hair, qiqi (genshin impact), razor (genshin impact), red hair, ribbon, short hair, signature, silver hair, sitting, skirt, skybracer, smile, sparkle, standing, sucrose (genshin impact), tartaglia (genshin impact), twintails, venti (genshin impact), water, witch hat, xiangling (genshin impact), xiao (genshin impact), xingqiu (genshin impact), xinyan (genshin impact), zhongli (genshin impact)
1girl, abimaru gup, alternate hairstyle, apron, bangs, black skirt, blue eyes, blush, bow, bowl, chocolate, closed mouth, commentary request, cooking, dress shirt, eyebrows visible through hair, flying sweatdrops, girls und panzer, grey shirt, hair bow, hair up, highres, holding, holding bowl, insignia, itsumi erika, knife, kuromorimine school uniform, long sleeves, looking at viewer, medium hair, mixing, mixing bowl, pink background, pleated skirt, pot, purple bow, red apron, school uniform, shirt, short ponytail, silver hair, skirt, sleeves rolled up, smile, solo, sparkle, spoken blush, standing, twitter username, whisk, wing collar
1girl, amatsukaze (kancolle), bangs, blush, closed mouth, dress, gradient, gradient background, hair between eyes, hair tubes, hood, hooded jacket, jacket, jewelry, kantai collection, long hair, petals, pose, ring, sanninme no haru, silver hair, simple background, solo, sparkle, two side up, wedding band
3girls, ahoge, amane kanata, angel, angel wings, armband, bangs, baseball cap, bibi (tokoyami towa), black choker, black hairband, black headwear, black jacket, black legwear, black shorts, black skirt, black tank top, blonde hair, blue background, blue hair, blunt bangs, blush, bow, braid, breasts, brooch, chain necklace, choker, cleavage, cleavage cutout, clenched hand, clothing cutout, collarbone, collared shirt, colored inner hair, crop top, cropped jacket, demon tail, diagonal-striped bow, dragon girl, dragon horns, dragon tail, dragon wings, drill hair, ear piercing, eyebrows visible through hair, feathered wings, floating, gem, green eyes, grey background, hairband, halo, hand on hip, hand on own chest, hat, highlights, highres, hololive, horn bow, horned headwear, horns, jacket, jewelry, kiryuu coco, large breasts, long hair, looking at viewer, looking down, midriff, miniskirt, multicolored, multicolored background, multicolored eyes, multicolored hair, multicolored nails, multiple girls, nail polish, navel, navel piercing, o-ring, o-ring choker, open hand, open mouth, orange hair, piercing, pink hair, pleated skirt, pointy ears, purple background, purple eyes, purple hair, red eyes, red nails, red skirt, sailor collar, scales, shirt, short hair, short shorts, shorts, side braid, silver hair, simple background, single braid, single thighhigh, skindentation, skirt, slit pupils, small breasts, smile, sparkle, streaked hair, striped, striped bow, tail, tank top, thighhighs, tokoyami towa, twin drills, twintails, two-tone hair, virtual youtuber, white jacket, white shirt, wings, yellow nails, yukito (hoshizora)
2girls, absurdres, ahoge, bare shoulders, blurry, blurry background, blush, breasts, candy, chair, chocolate, chocolate heart, commentary request, eye contact, food, hair ornament, hair scrunchie, hand on another's chin, hand under clothes, hand under shirt, heart, highres, holding, hood, hoodie, kougi hiroshi, long hair, long sleeves, looking at another, looking to the side, love live!, love live! sunshine!!, medium breasts, multiple girls, open mouth, orange hair, pleated skirt, polka dot, polka dot scrunchie, ponytail, purple shorts, red eyes, red hair, sakurauchi riko, scrunchie, shirt, short hair, short sleeves, shorts, sitting, sitting on lap, sitting on person, skirt, sparkle, takami chika, valentine, white hoodie, white shirt, yellow eyes, yellow scrunchie, yuri
2girls, bat, bat wings, book, bow, commentary request, crescent hat ornament, diamond-shaped pupils, diamond (shape), dress, eyes closed, fang, full body, hair bow, hat, hat ornament, hat ribbon, headwear switch, long hair, lying, mob cap, multiple girls, on stomach, open book, open mouth, patchouli knowledge, reading, remilia scarlet, ribbon, short sleeves, smile, sparkle, symbol-shaped pupils, touhou, wings, wrist cuffs, yt (wai-tei)
1girl, :d, bangs, black skirt, blue eyes, blue hair, blue vest, blush, coat, commentary request, crescent, eyebrows visible through hair, gradient, gradient background, grey coat, hair between eyes, heart, kantai collection, long hair, long sleeves, looking at viewer, notice lines, open clothes, open coat, open mouth, pink background, pleated skirt, shirt, skirt, smile, solo, sou (soutennkouchi), sparkle, spoken heart, twitter username, very long hair, vest, white background, white shirt, yayoi (kancolle)
1girl, bangs, blazer, blue jacket, blue nails, blush, bow, brown cardigan, brown hair, buttons, cardigan, drop shadow, eyebrows visible through hair, fingernails, green bow, grin, hair bow, hands on own cheeks, hands on own face, hands up, heart, highres, jacket, long hair, long sleeves, looking at viewer, love live!, love live! school idol project, minami kotori, multicolored, multicolored nails, nail polish, nakano maru, one side up, open clothes, open jacket, orange nails, otonokizaka school uniform, pocket, school uniform, simple background, sleeves past wrists, smile, solo, sparkle, upper body, white background, yellow eyes
1girl, akebono (kancolle), bell, black legwear, blue sailor collar, blue skirt, brown gloves, chibi, commentary request, flower, full body, gloves, hair bell, hair flower, hair ornament, jingle bell, kantai collection, legs crossed, long hair, looking at viewer, pleated skirt, purple hair, romaji commentary, sailor collar, school uniform, serafuku, short sleeves, side ponytail, simple background, skirt, solid oval eyes, solo, sparkle, thighhighs, tsumorin (tumori), v, very long hair, white background
1girl, aqua nails, arm tattoo, asymmetrical legwear, asymmetrical sleeves, belt, black gloves, black legwear, blue eyes, braid, braided ponytail, cevio, choker, collarbone, commentary, cowboy shot, dress, elbow gloves, fingerless gloves, flat chest, gavrof, gloves, hair flaps, hair tubes, leg up, long hair, looking at viewer, nail polish, one (cevio), one eye closed, open mouth, orange dress, orange gloves, pendant choker, platinum blonde hair, sarashi, single glove, single thighhigh, smile, solo, spaghetti strap, sparkle, speech bubble, tattoo, thighhighs, translated, two-tone dress, two-tone gloves, v, white background
2girls, animal ears, arknights, bangs, baseball cap, black headwear, blue eyes, cheese, click (arknights), commentary, english commentary, food, green eyes, grey hair, hair between eyes, hat, indoors, mouse, mouse ears, mousetrap, multiple girls, naga u (style), open mouth, parody, ponyupdaddy, scavenger (arknights), short hair, sparkle, style parody
2girls, :>, :<, alternate costume, apron, bat wings, black bow, black dress, black footwear, blue eyes, bow, braid, carrying under arm, character name, commentary request, dress, earrings, english text, frilled bow, frills, full body, gendou pose, grey hair, hair bow, hands clasped, high heels, izayoi sakuya, jewelry, long sleeves, maid headdress, medium hair, multiple girls, no hat, no headwear, own hands together, pantyhose, pink dress, pointy ears, purple bow, purple neckwear, red background, red eyes, remilia scarlet, shoes, smile, sparkle, touhou, twin braids, waist apron, wings, yt (wai-tei)
1boy, belt, black bodysuit, black footwear, bodysuit, character name, chikichi, coat, copyright name, full body, gradient, gradient background, green eyes, hands in pockets, helmet, hood, hoodie, kamen rider, kamen rider dcd, kamen rider decade, knee pads, legs apart, long sleeves, male focus, open clothes, open coat, pink background, pink coat, pink headwear, pink hoodie, pink theme, simple background, solo, sparkle, standing, striped
1girl, bangs, black nails, blurry, blurry foreground, breasts, cleavage, eyebrows visible through hair, from above, highres, hololive, hololive english, large breasts, long hair, mori calliope, nail polish, open mouth, pink hair, pochi (pochi-goya), red eyes, shoulder spikes, sidelocks, simple background, solo, sparkle, spikes, veil, virtual youtuber
Rule 34 | 10s, 1girl, akiranime, animal costume, animal ears, animated, animated gif, ass, ass focus, ass shake, back, backboob, bent over, blonde hair, blush, breasts, bunny costume, bunny ears, bunny tail, cleavage, close-up, fake animal ears, fake tail, female focus, from behind, hanging breasts, huge ass, huge breasts, leotard, looking at viewer, looking back, playboy bunny, purple background, rabbit girl, red eyes, red leotard, senran kagura, shaking, shiki (senran kagura), shiny, shiny skin, sideboob, smile, solo, sparkle, tail
1girl, :d, aisaki emiru, bangs, barefoot, bikini, blunt bangs, bow, breasts, brown hair, cleavage, collarbone, day, eyebrows visible through hair, hair bow, hanzou, highres, hugtto! precure, innertube, layered bikini, long hair, looking at viewer, ocean, open mouth, outdoors, precure, red bikini, red bow, red eyes, shiny, shiny hair, small breasts, smile, solo, spaghetti strap, sparkle, summer, swimsuit, twintails
1girl, absurdres, black hair, blue sailor collar, commentary request, cowboy shot, crossed arms, emphasis lines, grey skirt, hair ribbon, highres, isokaze (kancolle), kantai collection, kentan (kingtaiki), long hair, long sleeves, looking at viewer, neckerchief, pleated skirt, red eyes, ribbon, sailor collar, school uniform, serafuku, skirt, smug, solo, sparkle, tress ribbon, yellow neckwear
1boy, bangs, black gloves, black hair, brown hair, genshin impact, gloves, gradient hair, hair between eyes, highres, honeymilk0252, jacket, jewelry, long hair, long sleeves, male focus, multicolored hair, pointing, ponytail, simple background, single earring, solo, sparkle, translation request, yellow eyes, zhongli (genshin impact)
1girl, apron, armband, bangs, blue dress, blue hair, blush, breasts, brown background, dated, dress, eyebrows visible through hair, fang, frilled dress, frills, hand up, hat, idolmaster, idolmaster cinderella girls, looking at viewer, medium breasts, multicolored hair, nurse cap, open mouth, pink hair, puffy short sleeves, puffy sleeves, purple eyes, rero (bigdoorbig2), short sleeves, solo, sparkle, two-tone background, two-tone hair, white apron, white background, white headwear, wrist cuffs, yumemi riamu
1girl, :d, animal ears, bangs, barcode, bell, blush stickers, bow, box, braid, brown dress, brown eyes, brown hair, cat ears, chibi, christmas, christmas wreath, copyright request, dress, eyebrows visible through hair, fur-trimmed dress, fur-trimmed sleeves, fur trim, gift, gift box, grey background, hair between eyes, highres, long hair, long sleeves, looking at viewer, open mouth, pantyhose, red bow, red footwear, rero (bigdoorbig2), shoes, smile, solo, sparkle, standing, standing on one leg, striped, striped legwear, thick eyebrows, twin braids, upper teeth, vertical-striped legwear, vertical stripes, very long hair, wide sleeves
+++, 1girl, :d, ^ ^, ahoge, bangs, black jacket, blazer, blush, bow, brown skirt, bucket, chibi, cleaning, closed eyes, closed mouth, collared shirt, dress shirt, duster, eighth note, eyebrows visible through hair, eyes closed, guriin, hair between eyes, highres, holding, jacket, kasukabe haru, kneeling, multiple views, musical note, no shoes, notice lines, open mouth, plaid, plaid skirt, pleated skirt, red bow, red eyes, red hair, school uniform, shirt, skirt, smile, socks, sparkle, standing, standing on one leg, tokyo 7th sisters, white legwear, white shirt
1boy, aqua eyes, arm up, badge, blonde hair, bow, bowtie, commentary, ground vehicle, jacket, kagamine len, male focus, naoko (naonocoto), one eye closed, open mouth, project sekai, short ponytail, smile, solo, sparkle, spiked hair, train, uniform, vocaloid, white jacket
1girl, 6+boys, apron, artist name, beamed eighth notes, belt, black shirt, blue eyes, blue hair, blue pants, blue scarf, boots, brown pants, brown shorts, child, clock, coat, commentary, couch, eighth note, fishing rod, food, hand on another's knee, headphones, headset, holding, holding food, holding tray, ice cream, ice cream cone, ice cream cup, indoors, kaiko, kaito, kaito (vocaloid3), knee boots, knee up, looking at viewer, maid, maid apron, maid headdress, male focus, microphone, multiple boys, multiple persona, musical note, nokuhashi, pants, pointing, pointing at viewer, raglan sleeves, scarf, shirt, short hair, shorts, sitting, sleeveless, sleeveless shirt, sparkle, sundae, tray, treble clef, vocaloid, wafer stick, white coat, window, younger
1boy, black gloves, black hair, black jacket, black legwear, black pants, blue eyes, brown shirt, claireiosity, creatures (company), dark skin, dark skinned male, ear piercing, earrings, eyebrows, fang, fangs, fingerless gloves, fingernails, game freak, gloves, green background, grin, highres, hood, hood down, hoodie, jacket, jewelry, male focus, nintendo, pants, piercing, pokemon, pokemon (game), pokemon swsh, profile, raihan (pokemon), sharp teeth, shirt, smile, solo, solo focus, sparkle, standing, teeth, undercut
1boy, absurdres, black hair, black pants, blue eyes, boar mask, colored inner hair, commentary request, dated, green eyes, grin, hand up, hashibira inosuke, highres, holding, holding sword, holding weapon, kimetsu no yaiba, leaf, looking at viewer, multicolored hair, pants, shirtless, short hair, sitting, smile, solo, sparkle, striped, striped pants, sword, taowu (20809), weapon, yellow background
angel french, artist name, chocolate doughnut, commentary request, doughnut, food, food focus, french cruller, hashtag, heart, highres, momiji mao, no humans, notice lines, original, signature, simple background, sparkle, still life, translation request, white background
food, food focus, fork, garlic, garnish, highres, meat, momiji mao, no humans, noodles, original, plate, signature, simple background, sparkle, still life, translation request, utensil, vegetable, white background
blurry, food, food focus, garlic bread, garnish, highres, momiji mao, no humans, original, pastry, plate, realistic, signature, simple background, sparkle, still life, tomato, translation request, vegetable, white background
bowl, food, food focus, garnish, highres, meat, momiji mao, no humans, noodles, original, realistic, seafood, signature, simple background, sparkle, still life, translation request, vegetable, white background
chicken (food), chicken leg, egg, food, food focus, food request, hardboiled egg, herb, meat, no humans, original, package, quail egg, realistic, simple background, sparkle, still life, thread, tray, white background, xiaoma
crab, crayfish, cup, drink, food, food focus, garnish, glass, ice, ice cube, lotus root, newspaper, no humans, original, realistic, sauce, seafood, shrimp, simple background, sparkle, spring onion, still life, vegetable, water, white background, xiaoma
food, food focus, fried fish, highres, meat, momiji mao, mushroom, no humans, original, plate, realistic, sauce, seafood, signature, simple background, sparkle, still life, translation request, vegetable, white background
bowl, food, food focus, fruit, garnish, highres, meat, momiji mao, no humans, onion, original, realistic, signature, simple background, sparkle, still life, tomato, tomato slice, translation request, vegetable, white background
bowl, fish, food, food focus, garnish, highres, leaf, meat, momiji mao, no humans, onion, original, realistic, sashimi, seafood, signature, simple background, sparkle, spring onion, still life, translation request, vegetable, white background
boiling, broccoli, food, food focus, frying pan, highres, meat, momiji mao, no humans, octopus, onion, original, pot, realistic, seafood, signature, simple background, soup, sparkle, still life, translation request, vegetable, white background