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Used for characters of indeterminable sex, either due to an androgynous appearance with no obvious gendered characteristics, or because the character's sex is deliberately not stated. Should not be used if the subject is given an obvious gender in the illustration.

Characters of ambiguous gender include Nanachi, Crona, Quina_quenand Niko_(oneshot).

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 1boy 3others absurdres ambiguous_gender ann_bear armor artist_name blue_sky commentary dropship empty_eyes english_commentary fine_art_parody full_armor grass green_eyes helldiver_(helldivers) helldivers_(series) helmet highres in-universe_location looking_at_viewer mountain multiple_others outdoors parody ptsd rock science_fiction scratches sky smoke solo_focus the_two-thousand_yard_stare thick_eyebrows thousand_yard_stare tree twitter_username wide-eyed
 2boys 2others absurdres ambiguous_gender armor belt black_eyes closed_mouth commentary couter english_commentary faulds from_side full_armor gauntlets green_belt helm helmet highres holding holding_sword holding_weapon looking_ahead male_focus multiple_boys multiple_others original parted_lips pauldrons plate_armor profile rerebrace rondel sheath sheathed shoulder_armor simple_background sword tbocart teeth upper_body weapon white_background
 absurdres ambiguous_gender arm_guards armor arrow_(projectile) battle bow_(weapon) bug chin_spike claws drawn_bow fangs fire from_above fujikura highres holding holding_bow_(weapon) holding_weapon hood hood_up horns japanese_clothes kamura_(armor) looking_at_another magnamalo monster monster_hunter_(character) monster_hunter_(series) monster_hunter_rise open_mouth purple_eyes purple_fire purple_scales scales scarf sharp_teeth teeth weapon wirebug
 1other ambiguous_gender at-st commentary english_commentary english_text ewok furry_other holding holding_staff mecha mecha_focus multiple_views robot science_fiction shadow shanemolina simple_background staff star_wars star_wars:_return_of_the_jedi walker_(robot) white_background
 1other ambiguous_gender character_sheet commentary cross edouard_groult english_commentary from_side helmet highres mecha multiple_views original pouch red_cross robot science_fiction size_comparison standing straight-on united_nations walker_(robot)
 1boy 1other =_= ambiguous_gender blush final_fantasy final_fantasy_xiv gg_dal grey_hair grey_robe hood hood_up petting robe simple_background smile sophist's_robe_(ff14) themis_(ff14) white_background

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