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Tag type: None

Any tags Gelbooru does not and will never use should be aliased to this tag.

Examples include:
—Extremely generic tags like "big", "eyes", and "background"
—Tags from other boorus like "canine", "16:9_aspect_ratio", and "contentious_content"

See here for the full list of aliases:

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animal_penis anon bad_tag blush covering_eyes covering_face covering_privates creatures_(company) domination erection game_freak gen_4_pokemon ghost grass highres imminent_penetration interspecies katahane3 kneeling looking_at_another male mismagius nintendo open_mouth outdoors penis pokemon poku00e9philia pseudo_clothing red_eyes sclera shirt smile spirit submissive_human tagme tree
2022 bad_tag blue_eyes breasts buck_teeth colored_sclera eyebrows eyelashes five_nights_at_freddy's five_nights_at_freddy's:_security_breach furry furry_female highres holding holding_knife holding_weapon jacket knife legwear_cutout looking_at_viewer open_mouth rabbit rabbit_ears rabbit_tail red_sclera skeleion smile tail teeth thighhighs vanny_(fnaf) weapon
 2022 2_tails animal_ears ass bad_tag blue_eyes blush breasts countershade_feet crossgender eyewear_on_head fox fox_ears fox_girl fox_tail furry furry_female genderswap gloves goggles goggles_on_head highres open_mouth panties red_panties red_underwear_(female) sega skeleion solo sonic_(series) tail tails_(sonic) teasing tools underwear wrench yellow_fur
 2023 2girls 3_toes ass bad_tag black_fur black_panties blue_claws blue_tongue bra breasts calico_cat chug_splash claws cleavage collar colored_skin colored_tongue couch epic_games fangs fortnite fur_trim furry furry_female highres highwire_(fortnite) meow_skulls_(fortnite) multiple_girls navel on_couch one_eye_closed open_mouth orange_fur pack_leader_highwire panties pink_bra pink_eyes pink_legwear playing_game purple_skin shorts skeleion smile tail thick_thighs thighs tongue tongue_out underwear wide_hips wolf wolf_girl wolf_tail yellow_eyes
 absurdres animal_skull armor bad_tag beak bioluminescence bone calligraphy deadpool_yuchan glowing glowing_eyes glowing_mouth gradient_background highres monster monster_focus monster_hunter monster_hunter_(series) monster_hunter_x nakarkos open_mouth orange_eyes signature skull solo spikes suction_cups sumi-e tentacles
 1boy 1boy1girl 1girl animated ass bad_tag blonde_hair blue_eyes censored closed_eyes cum cum_in_pussy open_mouth ore_ga_kanojo_o_okasu_wake penetration_through_clothes penetration_under_clothes penis sex short_hair suzuki_mirano tagme video

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