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Tag type: General

This tag is for images that contain one or more characters that have cum on their body.

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2girls 3boys absurdres animal_ears arms_behind_back bar_censor blue_hair blue_headwear blush bound breasts bukkake caprice_(tevi) censored chinese_commentary closed_eyes closed_mouth clothed_female_nude_male clothing_aside commentary commission crying crying_with_eyes_open cum cum_in_mouth cum_in_pussy cum_on_body cum_on_legs cum_overflow dashed_eyes ejaculation erection facial feet_out_of_frame goggles goggles_on_headwear has_bad_revision has_censored_revision heart highres holding holding_leash leash long_hair lower_teeth_only lying multiple_boys multiple_girls nose_blush nude on_back open_mouth penis pixiv_commission pov pov_crotch pov_hands pussy rabbit_ears rape red_eyes restrained rolling_eyes sex short_sleeves single_thighhigh small_breasts speech_bubble spoken_heart spread_legs tears teeth tevi tevi_(character) thigh_strap thighhighs vaginal variant_set very_long_hair wavy_mouth white_hair white_thighhighs yu_f

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