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To cause a loss of pride, self-respect, or dignity.

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bad_tag breasts colored_skin creatures_(company) game_freak gardevoir gen_3_pokemon green_hair handjob highres humiliation nintendo nishikun pokemon pokemon_(creature) red_eyes spanish_text tagme white_skin
 1boy 1girl annoyed arm_at_side artist_name bare_legs barefoot beecon_(bee_niji) blonde_hair blue_skin blush breasts cleavage clenched_teeth collarbone colored_skin covering_breasts covering_privates crying crying_with_eyes_open embarrassed eyebrows half-closed_eyes hammer humiliation large_breasts league_of_legends long_hair looking_at_another looking_to_the_side looking_up nose panties pink_eyes pink_panties pointy_ears poppy_(league_of_legends) seiza shadow simple_background sitting solo_focus sweat tears teeth theft topless twintails underwear white_background yordle
 2022 2girls against_surface ambiguous_gender anal ass bad_tag big_breasts big_penis breasts cinderace corruption creatures_(company) cum cum_in_ass english_text faceless faceless_anthro faceless_character faceless_futanari furry futa_with_male futanari game_freak gen_6_pokemon gen_8_pokemon generation_6_pokemon generation_8_pokemon girly gynomorph_penetrating gynomorph_penetrating_male highres huge_ass huge_breasts huge_penis humiliation intersex_penetrating intersex_penetrating_male large_testicles larger_gynomorph larger_intersex male multiple_girls nintendo on_glass pawpads penis picturd pokemon pokemon_(creature) public_humiliation public_indecency sex shooty size_difference small_penis small_testicles stomach_bulge sylveon testicles waiter
 1girl :o adjusting_clothes agent_aika aika_(series) artist_request ass ass_focus bare_legs breasts brown_hair buttons closed_eyes covered_erect_nipples crotch_seam defeat delmo delmogeny_uniform highres humiliation indoors injury jacket juliet_sleeves large_breasts lipstick long_sleeves lying makeup miniskirt moaning mole mole_under_eye narrow_waist on_side panties pencil_skirt puffy_sleeves purple_lips restrained ryona skirt solo surprised sweat sweatdrop tentacles underwear uniform whipping white_delmo white_delmo_n white_jacket white_panties wide_hips
 2others animal_focus buzzwole clenched_hands creatures_(company) debudebumetabo fighting forced game_freak gen_7_pokemon gen_8_pokemon greedent humiliation multiple_others muscular nintendo pokemon pokemon_(creature) restrained simple_background size_difference spikes squirrel_tail sweat tail ultra_beast violence
 2girls ahegao attack bad_tag breasts completely_nude harukado_yua highres humiliation large_breasts long_hair monochrome multiple_girls nipples nude official_art open_mouth ran_(yamatoagu) ryona saliva surprised sweat tears tongue tongue_out uncensored yoshibari_aubade

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