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The "Counterattacking Amanojaku." Stage 5 midboss and boss, and stage 6 midboss, of Double_Dealing_Character, the fourteenth cardinal Touhou game.

She has the power to flip anything over, and has extreme contrarian tendencies; liking whatever others dislike, becoming unhappy whenever others are happy, saying the opposite of what she really means, and so on. She is the instigator of the plot of Double Dealing Character, manipulating Sukuna_Shinmyoumaru into helping her create a world where the weak will rule over the strong.

On April 12, 2014, it was revealed that Seija would be the main character of Touhou 14.3, Impossible_Spell_Card, released on May 11.

Visual Characteristics
She has two horns on the top of her head, has short_hair black_hair with white streaks and a single red highlight in the front (multicolored_hair). Her skirt has an MC Escher-esque arrow pattern on the hem.

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