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Tag type: General

Two or more different pictures of the same character in an image. These can be the same character from different viewpoints, in different outfits, in different poses, or any combination.

This tag doesn't apply to zoom_layer unless the zoom layer image is different from the foreground image.

Images with this tag should not be tagged solo.

For two or more identical characters interacting with a setting, or each other, use the clone tag instead.

h4. See also

* multiple_persona
* variations
* comic

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 1boy :> :d angel artist_name blue_theme boots bow bowtie circle_facial_mark closed_mouth commentary dated facial_mark feathered_wings from_side full_body halo hat hazbin_hotel high_heel_boots high_heels highres limited_palette long_sleeves looking_at_viewer lucifer_(hazbin_hotel) male_focus multiple_views multiple_wings open_mouth robe rubber_duck short_hair simple_background smile sparkle symbol-only_commentary top_hat traditional_bowtie wings yazuchi
 1girl anal anal_object_insertion ass ass_focus asuna_(sao) bar_censor censored completely_nude cucumber egg_(food) food food_insertion heart indoors multiple_views nude object_insertion spread_ass spread_legs sweat sword_art_online translation_request vaginal vaginal_object_insertion vogel_schwein
 1boy alternate_facial_hair alternate_hair_length alternate_hairstyle beard beard_stubble berserk black_hair facial_hair full_beard guts_(berserk) hair_over_one_eye highres long_hair looking_ahead looking_at_viewer male_focus mature_male maya_panda multicolored_hair multiple_views portrait short_hair streaked_hair stubble thick_beard thick_eyebrows undercut white_hair
 1girl animal_ears armpits asuna_(sao) braid breasts brown_hair detached_collar fake_animal_ears large_breasts leotard long_hair multiple_views orange_eyes parted_bangs playboy_bunny shiny_skin smile sword_art_online translation_request upper_body vogel_schwein
 1girl adjusting_hair armpits ass black_hair blue_archive blue_eyes blue_halo blush breasts cleavage closed_mouth dress elbow_gloves gloves halo highres kneepits large_breasts long_hair multiple_views official_alternate_costume saori_(blue_archive) saori_(dress)_(blue_archive) simple_background white_background white_dress white_gloves yzr_(yzr99)
 1girl :o bell blush breasts brown_hair bush choker hair_between_eyes heart multiple_views neck_bell nipple_stimulation nipple_tweak red_choker shiny_skin silica small_breasts spread_legs sword_art_online teeth tentacles upper_teeth_only vogel_schwein

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