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Tag type: General

The namesake creatures from the Pokemon series. Use this tag whenever a Pokémon is present in a picture.

For a list of currently used Pokémon tags on Gelbooru, visit List_of_Pokemon.

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 animal_focus bird blue_background blue_skin cloud colored_skin cottonee creatures_(company) fireblast fluffy game_freak gen_2_pokemon gen_3_pokemon gen_5_pokemon mareep nintendo no_humans pokemon pokemon_(creature) sheep simple_background swablu tail two-tone_background white_background wings wool
 animal_hands animal_nose arabian_clothes body_fur cat chufflepop claws clothed_pokemon creatures_(company) dancer flower furry game_freak green_fur highres looking_at_viewer mask meowscarada meowscarada_dancer nintendo pink_eyes pink_flower pokemon pokemon_(creature) pokemon_unite smile two-tone_fur
1girl 3others :3 artist_request black_dress black_eyes blush breasts creatures_(company) crossover dress drill_hair eyelashes full_body game_freak gen_5_pokemon gen_7_pokemon gen_8_pokemon highres holding holding_umbrella litwick long_hair looking_at_another looking_at_viewer medium_breasts mimikyu multiple_others nintendo one_piece perona pink_hair pink_ribbon pokemon pokemon_(creature) ribbon sinistea title trait_connection twintails twitter_username umbrella very_long_hair
 1girl :3 ^_^ ahoge androgynous black_panties brown_footwear brown_shirt clodsire closed_eyes collared_shirt creatures_(company) crossed_ankles ear_piercing earrings facing_viewer from_side full_body game_freak green_hair hair_between_eyes happy highres hug invisible_chair jewelry long_hair low_ponytail nintendo on_head paldean_wooper panties piercing pokemon pokemon_(creature) pokemon_on_head pokemon_sv reverse_trap rika_(pokemon) shirt shoes simple_background sitting smile solo suspenders swept_bangs tomato_0429 underwear white_background
 1boy bicorne black_footwear black_fur black_pants blue_eyes blue_fur blue_headwear blue_suit closed_eyes commentary_request creatures_(company) formal game_freak gen_4_pokemon hair_between_eyes hat lucario male_focus niji_(shihio) nintendo open_mouth pants pokemon pokemon_(creature) pokemon_dppt riley_(pokemon) shoes sitting sleeping smile spikes suit
angry ash_ketchum asymmetrical_hair brock_(pokemon) closed_eyes cowboy_shot creatures_(company) forest game_freak gen_1_pokemon gym_leader hat james_(pokemon) jessie_(pokemon) jigglypuff meowth misty_(pokemon) multiple_boys multiple_girls nature nintendo one_eye_closed orange_hair outdoors pikachu pokemon pokemon_(anime) pokemon_(classic_anime) pokemon_(creature) ponytail red_hair shiny_skin shirt shoes short_hair short_shorts shorts side_ponytail sleeping suspenders team_rocket yellow_shirt

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