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Tag type: General

Sexual behavior (public_nudity, public_masturbation, public_sex, etc.) taking place in a public location, or where one might be seen by members of the public.

See also:

· exhibitionism
· public_masturbation
· public_nudity
· public_urination
· public_use
· public_vibrator
· stealth_sex


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 463_jun absurdres arms_behind_back ball_gag bdsm bondage bondage_harness bound bound_arms chain collar empty_eyes exhibitionism fireworks fixed_dildo fixed_vibrator gag hair_ornament harness_gag highres leaning_forward leash long_hair night nipple_clamps object_insertion original outdoors path pink_hair public_bondage public_indecency pussy_juice road tears thighhighs toeless_thighhighs vaginal vaginal_object_insertion
 absurdres animal_ears breasts camera cat_ears cat_tail choker crowd earrings exhibitionism glasses highres huge_breasts huge_nipples jewelry mega_milk nipples off_shoulder original outdoors panties phone public_indecency public_nudity ribbon see-through short_twintails side-tie_panties tail thighs tongue tongue_out twintails underwear zuruota
 1girl alternate_breast_size arms_under_breasts azur_lane beach blonde_hair blue_eyes blue_sky blush breast_rest breasts brown_hair commentary_request commission completely_nude day embarrassed exhibitionism flower frown gradient_flower hair_flower hair_ornament half-closed_eyes highres hip_focus large_breasts leaning_forward looking_at_viewer medium_hair navel nipples nude ocean orange_flower outdoors pixiv_commission public_indecency sky solo thighs wet yellow_flower yuuki1103 z23_(azur_lane)
 1girl absurdres beach born-to-die commission commissioner_upload completely_nude dark-skinned_female dark_brown_hair dark_skin exhibitionism female_focus food from_behind from_below grass highres ice_cream licking looking_at_viewer nipples nude original outdoors public_indecency pymarelle sand shiny_skin short_hair sitting solo surfboard sweat turquoise_eyes wristband
 1girl :d armpits arms_behind_head blush breasts censored chair completely_nude dialogue_box dildo dildo_riding ears ecstasy exhibitionism female_focus female_masturbation friends full_body happy heart highres huge_dildo inverted_nipples large_breasts legs legs_apart long_hair looking_at_viewer masturbation moaning moira_(nijisanji) navel nijisanji nipples nude open_mouth pov public_indecency pussy pussy_juice sex_toy smile sound_effects spread_legs squatting sweat thick_thighs thighs trembling virtual_youtuber wings
 1girl :d absurdres ascot ascot_between_breasts black_hairband blush bob_cut breasts breasts_out brown_skirt chair classroom collared_shirt commentary cowboy_shot crossed_bangs day desk dutch_angle eternalfeatherx eyelashes fang green_eyes hair_between_eyes hairband hand_up heart heart_in_eye high-waist_skirt highres holding holding_pen indoors large_breasts looking_at_viewer naughty_face nipples nose_blush ok_sign on_chair open_clothes open_mouth open_shirt panties panty_pull partially_unbuttoned pen pink_hair pleated_skirt public_indecency school_chair school_desk school_uniform shiny_skin shirt short_hair sitting skirt smile solo straight_hair suspender_skirt suspenders symbol_in_eye tanikaze_amane tenshi_souzou_re-boot! tsurime underwear white_panties white_shirt window yellow_ascot

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