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A dark-haired and busty young woman who wears a white top and a black miniskirt with suspenders. In Advent Children, she switches to an all black outfit with a longer skirt that covers her legs. She is one of the main characters of Final_Fantasy_VII and is the martial artist of the main party and, along with the game's hero Cloud, is the game's most prolific character in terms of appearances. She is also the biggest female sex symbol of the Final Fantasy franchise.

She is a member of the resistance group Avalanche and the owner of a bar called 7th Heaven. She is Cloud's childhood friend and was the one who introduced Cloud to Avalanche. She is a kind-hearted and loyal woman who's often concerned over Cloud's well being and is willing to do anything to help him.

Although Tifa became one of the most iconic characters in the franchise, she wasn't originally meant to be in the game at all. In the initial concept of the game, only Cloud, Aerith, and Barret were the main characters and Tifa was completely absent. She was later added to the game as a supporting character, but the writers kept expanding her role with each revision until she became one of the main characters.

First known abroad as Tifa_Lockheart. In Japanese, she is voiced by Ito_Ayumi in all appearances except Ehrgeiz, where she was played by Asada_Youko (arcade version) and Minaguchi_Yuuko (home version). For Ito, Tifa is notably her only non live action role. In English, she was voiced by Rachael_Leigh_Cook, who is also more known for her live action film work, in all appearances until Final Fantasy VII Remake, where she was replaced by Britt Baron.

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