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Tag type: General

A facial expression that denotes displeasure/dissatisfaction, or that one is greatly annoyed or grumpiness.

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Last updated: 02/23/13 5:38 AM by Novea
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 >:( 1girl animal_ears aurochs_(kemono_friends) bangs brown_eyes brown_hair camouflage camouflage_shirt closed_mouth cow_ears cow_horns cropped_shirt dutch_angle eyebrows_visible_through_hair frown green_hair hand_on_hip hand_up holding holding_weapon horns kemono_friends long_sleeves looking_at_viewer medium_hair midriff multicolored_hair navel necktie parted_bangs polearm print_shirt red_neckwear shirt short_over_long_sleeves short_sleeves solo stomach suicchonsuisui tan taut_clothes taut_shirt toned two-tone_hair v-shaped_eyebrows weapon
 >:( abs bangle belt belt_buckle blonde_hair blue_eyes blue_mary bob_cut bracelet breasts buckle covered_collarbone crop_top cropped_legs denim electricity fatal_fury fingerless_gloves forehead from_above gloves gold highres jeans jewelry kodomodamashi looking_at_object medium_breasts midriff necklace off-shoulder_shirt off_shoulder pants parted_hair pendant red_shirt sash shirt short_hair snk taut_clothes taut_shirt the_king_of_fighters tsurime
 >:( 1girl arknights bangs black_jacket blue_hair blush ch'en_(arknights) character_name dress_shirt eyelashes hair_between_eyes highres horns jacket looking_at_viewer low_twintails medium_hair necktie red_eyes scowl shirt sidelocks sleeves_folded_up solo twintails upper_body v-shaped_eyebrows white_shirt yellow_neckwear yu_mochi_(kamiinu)
 >:( 1girl absurdres angry armpits arms_up bangs black_hair black_legwear blunt_bangs blush breasts cleavage collarbone detached_sleeves eyelashes garter_straps halterneck highres holding holding_sword holding_weapon impossible_clothes impossible_shirt king's_raid large_breasts long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer miniskirt purple_eyes scowl seria_(king's_raid) sheath shirt skirt sleeveless solo straight_hair sword thighhighs unsheathing weapon white_skirt yu_mochi_(kamiinu) zettai_ryouiki
 >:( 1girl absurdres artoria_pendragon_(all) bangs black_dress blonde_hair bow_dress braid braided_bun breasts collarbone cowboy_shot cutout_above_navel dress excalibur_morgan_(fate) fate/stay_night fate_(series) forest frilled_sleeves frills gothic_lolita hair_between_eyes hair_bun half_updo halter_dress halterneck highres lolita_fashion nature saber_alter shrug_(clothing) sidelocks small_breasts solo sword tsurupy v-shaped_eyebrows weapon wide_sleeves yellow_eyes
 >:( 1girl ahoge armor armored_dress artoria_pendragon_(all) bangs blonde_hair blue_cape blue_dress braid braided_bun breastplate cape capelet cowboy_shot determined dress dutch_angle excalibur_(fate/stay_night) fate/grand_order fate_(series) faulds fur-trimmed_capelet fur_trim gauntlets green_eyes half_updo highres holding holding_sword holding_weapon looking_at_viewer saber sidelocks solo sword tsurupy vambraces weapon

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