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 &gt;_&lt; +++ 6+girls :d absurdres alice_margatroid apron artist_self-insert black_dress black_hairband black_headwear black_skirt blonde_hair blouse blue_dress blue_eyes blue_hair blue_headwear blue_kimono blue_shirt blush bow bow_hairband braid brown_eyes brown_hair brown_headwear chibi closed_eyes collared_shirt commentary crystal cup dango deerstalker demon_wings detached_sleeves dress fangs flag flandre_scarlet flying_sweatdrops food frilled_hairband frilled_sleeves frills fujiwara_no_mokou green_bow green_hair green_skirt green_vest grey_hair hair_bow hairband hakurei_reimu hand_print hat hat_bow hat_ornament hat_ribbon heart heart_hat_ornament heart_of_string highres hobgoblin_(touhou) holding holding_cup holding_flag holding_food holding_magnifying_glass hug izayoi_sakuya japanese_clothes kimono kirisame_marisa komeiji_koishi komeiji_satori konpaku_youmu konpaku_youmu_(ghost) laevatein_(touhou) long_hair long_image long_sleeves looking_at_another looking_at_viewer magnifying_glass maid_apron maid_headdress medium_hair mob_cap multiple_girls notice_lines ofuda ofuda_on_clothes open_mouth out_of_frame pants pink_eyes pink_hair pink_headwear pink_shirt pink_skirt piyokichi red_bow red_eyes red_hairband red_pants red_ribbon red_skirt red_vest remilia_scarlet ribbon saigyouji_yuyuko shaded_face shanghai_doll sheath shirt skirt skirt_set sleeve_garter smile sparkle squiggle suspenders sword third_eye thought_bubble touhou triangular_headpiece twin_braids very_long_hair vest wagashi weapon white_apron white_hair white_headwear white_shirt white_sleeves wide_image wide_sleeves wings witch_hat yellow_bow yellow_shirt yunomi
 2girls ? ?? aiguillette bangs black_eyes black_gloves black_shirt blue_archive blush bright_pupils chopsticks closed_eyes commentary_request cup_ramen demon_horns feet_out_of_frame flower food gloves grey_hair hair_between_eyes hair_flower hair_ornament hair_ribbon hair_tubes hairband halo heart highres himari_(blue_archive) holding holding_chopsticks holding_food horns jacket junko_(blue_archive) long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_object lumpypacas mole mole_under_eye multiple_girls necktie noodles open_mouth parted_bangs pointy_ears powered_wheelchair ramen red_hair red_necktie ribbon robe shirt short_sleeves simple_background sitting spoken_heart striped striped_hairband sweatdrop twintails upper_body wheelchair white_flower white_hair white_jacket white_pupils
 1boy 1girl absurdres black_hair gegegekman heart highres monochrome original short_hair twitter white_background
 1girl absurdres breasts card character_request cleavage dress flower fur heart highres i_became_a_god_in_a_horror_game long_hair looking_at_viewer red_eyes red_hair rose wavy_hair weichenhuanxiaobai
 2girls all_fours blue_hair blush breasts bubene dimples_of_venus grey_background heart highres large_breasts long_hair multiple_girls nipples nude open_mouth parasoul_(skullgirls) pussy_juice red_eyes red_hair sitting skullgirls smile strip_game valentine_(skullgirls) yuri
 1girl absurdres bangs blush boots character_hair_ornament commentary_request creatures_(company) eyelashes full_body game_freak green_hair grey_footwear grey_pantyhose grey_shirt grin hair_ornament heart heart_in_eye highres iono_(pokemon) iwara_(asat8724) jacket leg_up looking_at_viewer multicolored_eyes multicolored_hair nintendo one_eye_closed pantyhose pink_hair pokemon pokemon_(game) pokemon_sv shirt single_leg_pantyhose sleeveless sleeveless_shirt sleeves_past_fingers sleeves_past_wrists smile solo sparkle symbol_in_eye teeth thigh_strap two-tone_hair yellow_jacket

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