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Tag refers to images referencing the 2020 remake of Final_Fantasy_vii. It is an action rpg developed by Square Enix, directed by Nomura_Tetsuya, Toriyama Motomu, and Hamaguchi Naoki with artwork by Nomura and Roberto_Ferrari. The story is again written by Nojima Kazushige. The soundtrack consists of remixes of songs from the original by various composers with the main ones being Hamauzu Masashi and Suzuki Mitsuto. There are also some new tracks and original composer Uematsu Nobuo returned to write a new vocal theme song titled Hollow. The first episode was released on April 10, 2020.

Rumors of and requests for a remake of the iconic game had been circulating for decades, but it was not until E3 2015 that Square finally showed footage of the game and E3 2019 when they revealed how the new game would play. The game now uses a real time battle system, much like Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy XV. However, there is now an Active Time Battle Gauge that fills up as the player does battle. When the gauge is full, the player can immediately pause the action and choose to use special moves, items, and magic. The player can now switch between party members at any time during each battle.

While the Japanese cast remains the same as it has been since Advent Children, the English cast was recast with new voice actors. The animations between the Japanese and English versions are also slightly different to suit the different languages and regions. The character designs are mostly faithful to the original with a few slight adjustments such as Barret now sporting sunglasses and Tifa wearing a sports bra underneath her white top.

The game splits the original's narrative into multiple installments with the first part focusing on the opening Midgar section of the original. The developers chose to do this instead of putting everything into one game because they felt that doing so would require them to remove numerous elements of the original. With this installment-based approach, the developers could expand on the game and allow players to explore areas that there were never visited in the original.

Upon release, the game received generally positive reviews from critics and sold 3.5 million copies within the first three days of release.

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