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A short girl with multicolored long hair (pink and brown). She wears a white jacket, black gloves, pants, and a black corset, and carries a parasol. Her eyes notably change color constantly. She is a minor antagonist from RWBY.

She is a mysterious associate of Roman Torchwick who brings her in to help him out starting with the fourth episode of the second season of RWBY. While she occasionally makes vocal noises, she has never spoken a single word and seems to be incapable of speech. She has a confident and a sadistic personality, often smugly smiling and toying with her enemies during combat. She is a highly dangerous girl who can create life-like illusions and is highly skilled at direct hand-to-hand combat, being fast and acrobatic. She uses her parasol as both a shield and a weapon.

She is named after and based off of Neopolitan ice cream. Prior to her introduction, creator Monty Oum hinted at her character by seemingly inexplicably posting images of Neopolitan ice cream. Her design is based off of a genderswap cosplay of Roman Torchwick. She is also the shortest humanoid character in the RWBY series, standing at a height of 4'9 without the high heels she usually wears. Much like Roman, she became one of the more popular antagonists of the series in spite of her lesser importance plot-wise, and this popularity eventually led to her being selected as the first fighter to represent RWBY in Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle who isn't part of Team RWBY. Her appearance in this game also reveals that while she can't speak, she is capable of laughing, the only vocalization she makes.

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