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Tag refers to images referencing the third installment of the Rebuild_of_Evangelion film series. It is also known as ヱヴァンゲリヲン新劇場版:Q, Evangerion Shin Gekijōban: Kyū in Japanese or Evangelion: The New Movie: Q. The film was animated by Studio_Khara and made by the same cast and crew as its predecessors. It was released on November 3, 2012.

The film continues directly after the second film and goes further in deviating from the original series' canon to the point that all of the content in this film is brand new. If you haven't seen the second film or the third film yet, be wary of spoilers.

After Ikari Shinji risked everything to save Ayanami Rei from an Angel in the second film, he wakes up fourteen years later to find himself in captivity of a new organization named WILLE led by Katsuragi Misato. Although its staff includes members from NERV, they are now opposed to their old group. Shinji is initially happy to see his old friends again, only to be met with hostility and distrust. Misato orders a choker to be placed around Shinji's neck that will detonate should Shinji go against WILLE's orders. Shinji is no longer allowed to pilot EVA 01. Hurt and confused by what he perceives as a sudden about-face in behavior, Shinji quickly joins Ayanami Rei when she apparently returns in EVA 00 to retrieve Shinji from WILLE. Shinji is taken to NERV's remains where Ikari Gendou instructs Shinji to pilot a new EVA unit alongside the mysterious yet seemingly friendly boy Nagisa Kaworu. Shinji quickly forms a bond with his new co-pilot, but remains troubled over and curious about the new world he finds himself in. His curiosity leads him to discover some harsh truths that will upset everything he's ever known. . .

This installment went through a notably difficult production process, which contributed to the long gap between this film and the final movie. Its story was revised multiple times to the point that the final product completely contradicts initial previews of the film. Anno Hideaki, whose psychological state greatly improved in the 2000s, found himself lapsing back into depression as a result of all the stress. It would not be until he completed Shin Godzilla in 2016 that he would be creatively and emotionally reinvigorated to take on Evangelion again. This film is notably the darkest installment of the Rebuild film series. Nevertheless, the film was critically and financially successful, grossing 66.6 million dollars worldwide, and winning the Excellence Prize for Animation at the 17th Japan Media Arts Festival and the Excellent Animation of the Year at the 36th Japan Academy Award.





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 1girl bodysuit bodysuit_under_clothes brown_hair evangelion:_3.0_you_can_(not)_redo expressionless eyepatch full_body hands_in_pockets hat hat_under_hood highres interface_headset jacket kazumiminagawa long_hair neon_genesis_evangelion plugsuit rebuild_of_evangelion red_bodysuit shiny_clothes simple_background smile souryuu_asuka_langley standing track_jacket wide_hips
 angel_(evangelion) black_pants character_doll character_request evangelion:_3.0_you_can_(not)_redo falling grey_hair ikari_shinji male_focus matariel nagisa_kaworu neon_genesis_evangelion niwaki-smith6200 open_mouth pants ramiel_(evangelion) rebuild_of_evangelion running sachiel_(evangelion) school_uniform shirt teeth tokyo-3_middle_school_uniform white_footwear white_shirt
 2021 6+girls aino_minako ayanami_rei ayanami_rei_(cosplay) bident bishoujo_senshi_sailor_moon chibi_usa cosplay dark-skinned_female dark_skin dated earrings evangelion:_2.0_you_can_(not)_advance evangelion:_3.0_you_can_(not)_redo female_focus highres hino_rei holding holding_polearm holding_weapon ikari_shinji ikari_shinji_(cosplay) interface_headset jewelry kaiou_michiru kino_makoto lance_of_longinus_(evangelion) looking_at_viewer makinami_mari_illustrious makinami_mari_illustrious_(cosplay) meiou_setsuna mizuno_ami multiple_girls nagisa_kaworu nagisa_kaworu_(cosplay) neon_genesis_evangelion pilot_suit plugsuit polearm rebuild_of_evangelion signature simple_background souryuu_asuka_langley souryuu_asuka_langley_(cosplay) spear_of_cassius ten'ou_haruka tomoe_hotaru tsukino_usagi tsunemoku weapon white_background
 1girl black_headwear blue_eyes bodysuit breasts brown_hair curvy evangelion:_3.0_you_can_(not)_redo eyepatch full_body hair_between_eyes hand_on_own_hip hands_in_pockets hat highres jacket long_hair looking_at_viewer medium_breasts neon_genesis_evangelion nipples pilot_suit plugsuit rebuild_of_evangelion red_background red_bodysuit shiny_clothes simple_background smile solo souryuu_asuka_langley standing track_jacket two_side_up wide_hips
 absurdres bad_tag evangelion:_3.0_you_can_(not)_redo female female_focus highres japan lilith lilith_(evangelion) mythology neon_genesis_evangelion nihon paradise rebuild_of_evangelion u30eau30eau30b9 u65b0u4e16u7d00u30a8u30f4u30a1u30f3u30b2u30eau30aau30f3
 1girl blue_eyes breasts brown_hair brown_jacket evangelion:_3.0_you_can_(not)_redo eyepatch highres jacket long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer medium_breasts neon_genesis_evangelion rebuild_of_evangelion simple_background solo souryuu_asuka_langley track_jacket tsundere twintails unihotate0329 upper_body

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